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Accommodations & Meals


N.B. Please note that enrolment for the Travel Study Program in Paris is limited to 20 participants.




Participants and faculty will stay at the Fiap Jean-Monnet.
This quiet hotel, which includes 2 restaurants, is located at 30, rue Cabanis, in the 14th arrondissement, next to the Glacière metro station.
In Paris, the Travel Study Program offers triple and quadruple occupancy.
Single and double accommodations are available at a premium (please contact Robert Viau if you are interested in this option).


In Paris, participants will have breakfast and dinner at the Fiap.
France is known worldwide as a country of great food and restaurants. We’ll take you to a few hidden treasures, exploring the gastronomy of France.

In previous years we have had the pleasure of going to the following restaurants:

  • Le Bruant in Saint-Porchaire
  • Les Choucas in Chauvigny
  • L'abri des pins in Mérignac
  • La Belle Poule in Rochefort
  • Les Longitudes in Rochefort
  • La Flotille in Versailles
  • Le Bistrot St-Germain in Paris
  • Le Bouillon Racine in Paris
  • Au pied de cochon in Paris
  • Ladurée in Paris
  • L’Écho de Rabelais in Chinon
  • Le Grand Colbert in Paris
  • Vagenende in Paris

In the past, there have also been official receptions with local government representatives and at the Amitiés France-Acadie headquarters in Paris. Finally, we have often had our final banquet at the historic restaurant Le Procope, which lists its former patrons as Napoleon, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and Robespierre.