Faculty & Staff


John Ball

Chair of the Department


Randall Martin

Director of  Majors, Honours, and Minors (1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018)


Stephen Schryer Director of Graduate Studies contact

Ross Leckie

Co-Director of Creative Writing


Sue Sinclair

Co-Director of Creative Writing


Len Falkenstein

Director of Drama


Triny Finlay

Director for First and Second Year


Janet Noiles

Administrative Assistant


Theresa Keenan Graduate Program Assistant contact

Current Faculty Members

Name Research Areas
Jennifer Andrews

nineteenth- and twentieth-century English-Canadian and American literature, Native North American literature, literary theory, border studies, and cultural studies

John C. Ball contemporary postcolonial and Canadian literatures, postcolonial theory, cultural geography, urban fiction, historical fiction, creative writing, and drama production
A. E. Christa Canitz Middle English and Older Scots poetry, 20th/21st-century medievalism
Lucas Crawford

20/21st c. British Literature; queer theory; transgender studies; space and architecture; theories of affect and feeling; creative writing (poetry)

Elizabeth Effinger

18th/19th-century British Literature; British and German Romanticism; interconnections between literature, philosophy, and science; human-animal studies; the Gothic

Len Falkenstein playwriting, theatre, and drama
Tatrina (Triny) Finlay creative writing, contemporary Canadian literature, poetics, genre theory, and writing by women
Robert Gray film theory, screenwriting, popular culture, creative writing (prose)
Mark Anthony Jarman creative writing (fiction), travel writing, non-fiction, 20th Century Fiction, popular culture
Ross Leckie 20th-century American and Canadian literature, post-colonial literature, and cultural studies
Randall Martin English Renaissance drama, culture, and ecology, early modern women's writing, and bibliographical and textual studies
Holly Morgan Diaspora Studies, Postcolonial Studies, South Asian Literatures, Transnational and Intersectional Feminisms, Chick Lit, Girl Studies
Stephen Schryer 20th/21st century American literature, African-American literature, and literary theory
Sue Sinclair aesthetics, theories of beauty, the intersection of literature and philosophy, ecopoetics and contemporary poetry
Edith Snook early modern English literature, with a particular interest in writing by women
Writer-In-Residence Colleen Murphy
Honorary Research Associates
Retired Professors
  • Diana L. Austin
    BA (UNB), MA (Queen’s), DPhil (Oxford)
  • Anthony Boxill
    BA (St. F.X.), MA, PhD (UNB)
    Commonwealth Literature (West Indian and African), and the modern novel
  • A. Barry Cameron
    BA, MA (Windsor), PhD (Rutgers)
    Screenwriting, film studies, and film and multimedia production
  • Theodore Colson
    BA (Roberts Wesleyan), MA (Syracuse), PhD (Michigan)
    American prose and poetry of the Modernist period
  • W.R. Gair
    BA, MA, PhD (Cambridge)
    Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, Edmund Spenser, and John Milton
  • Richard Guerin
    BA, MA (California State), PhD (Colorado)
    Chaucer, Middle English, and Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature
  • Edward J. Mullaly
    BA (Windsor), MA, PhD (UNB)
    19th-century Canadian theatre history
  • James Noble
    BA (Bishop’s), MA, PhD (Western Ontario)
    Arthurian legend, medieval, Victorian, and contemporary texts
  • Mary Rimmer
    BA (Concordia), AM, PhD (Harvard)
    Victorian literature, Thomas Hardy, women's writing and post-colonial literatures
  • Mary Elizabeth Smith
    BA (King’s), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Exon)
    Renaissance drama, the drama and theatre history of Atlantic Canada, and the Bible as literature and as a source of literary allusion
  • M. J. Taylor
    BA, Dip Ed (Wales), PhD (Birmingham)
    Shakespeare and other Renaissance dramatists, Alice Munro, Henry James, and the prose romance
  • Kent E. Thompson
    BA (Hanover), MA (Iowa), PhD (Wales)
    Creative writing and theatre

  • Wendy Robbins