Selected Recent Publications

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In Progress

Dalkir, E. "Overbidding for Patent Ownership in Two-Sided Markets.

Dalkir, E. (with Dalkir, M.), "A Reconsideration of Correlations between Macroeconomic Aggregates.

Dalkir, E. (with Yilmaz, B.), "Efficiency and Uniqueness in Strategic Voting Games.

Dalkir, M. with Dalkir, E., "Why Partial Tender Offers are Suboptimal?, Journal of Economic Theory.

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Recent Grants/Funding

Ballucci, D. (PI), Haan, M. and McDonald, T. (2010), "An Investigation of PROS, the RCMP's Prolific Offender Database". SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $32,700.

Duhamel, M. (PI), Brett, C. and Haan, M. (2012), "Here and Now: Demographic Challenges in Atlantic Canada. SSHRC Public Outreach Grant, $13,612.

Esses, V. (PI) (2012), "Pathways to Prosperity: New Policy Directions and Innovative Local Practices for Newcomer Attraction and Integration. $2.5 million over 7 years, Haan, M. received approximately $30,000 per year as co-applicant for 7 years, SSHRC Partnership Grant.

Neis, B. (PI) (2012), "On the Move: Employment-Related Geographic Mobility in Canada. $2.4 million over 7 years. Haan, M. receives $50,000 per year for two years of this grant. SSHRC Partnership Grant.

Haan, M. (2012), "Future Demand for Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick, Department of Post-Secondary Eduction, Training and Labour, $42,000.

Haan, M. (2012), "The Recruitment and Retention of Immigrants Across Provinces: Insights from Longitudinal Taxfiler Records, (cost-shared by select stakeholders, with securing of finds ongoing), Government of New Brunswick ($14,000), Government of Prince Edward Island ($5,000) and Society of Edmonton Demographers and Government of Alberta Office of Statistics and Information ($5,000)

Lantz, V., An Assessmentof PEI's Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program. Linking Environment and Agriculture Research Network, Agriculture and Agr-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON (2011-12).

Lantz, V. (Principle Investigator - D. Floyd), 2010-2015, A Collaborative Research Partnership for Sustainable Forest Management, SSHRC Community - University Research Alliance Grant, Ottawa, ON.

McDonald, Ted, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic 2012, (CI Mike Haan), Demographic and Socioeconomic Barriers to Breast Screening in New Brunswick - $54,700

McDonald, Ted, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada-Asia Pacific Award 2012. (co PI with Lesleyanne Hawthorne), The Integration of Migrant Health Professionals in Canada Compared to Australia - A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Credential Recognition Strategies and Outcomes - $10,000

McDonald, Ted, New Brunswick health Research Foundation 2011 (CI Nicole Letourneau), New Brunswick Insititute for Health Policy - $25,000

McDonald, Ted, Canadian Foundation for Innovation Leaders Fund 2010, (co CI Nicole Letourneau), New Brunswick health Policy Laboratory - $368,724

McDonald, Ted, HRSDC 2010-11 (with Chris Worswick, Carleton Univ. & Mike Haan, UNB Economics-Sociology), The Economic Returns to Education and Experience - $24,000

McDonald, Ted, CLSRN 2010-11 (with Chris Worswick, Carleton Univ.), The Earnings, Income and Labour Market Outcomes of Older Immigrants in Canada - $23,000

Yevdokimov, Y., Environmental Trust Fund (ETF), Government of New Brunswick (2011-2012), "Economic Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on New Brunswick - Nova Scotia Transportation Corridor.