Full Report on Carbon Pricing Symposium: Meeting the Federal Requirement for a Price on Carbon: Which approach is right for New Brunswick? March 16, 2017

Le rapport integral: Respect des exigences fédérales en matière de tarification du carbone: Quelle est la méthode qui convient le mieux au Nouveau-Brunswick? 16 mars 2017

Past Publications

  • Health Care in Canada: Demographic and Fiscal Issues - Edited by J. Ruggeri & W. Yu
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  • Atlantic Canada in the Knowledge-Based Age - J. Ruggeri
  • Determinants of Health: An Atlantic Perspective - Edited by J. Ruggeri & W. Yu
  • Statistical Record: New Brunswick and Selected Provinces and States - D. Goodwin, S. Garrett & J. Keddy
  • Sustainable Transportation in Atlantic Canada - Edited by J. Ruggeri
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  • Government Budgeting and Fiscal Sustainability in New Brunswick - J. Ruggeri
  • Rendez-Vous Immigration 2004 - Edited by J. Destrempes & J. Ruggeri
  • Canadian Federalism at the Cross-Roads - J. Ruggeri
  • The Environment and the Health of Children - Edited by J. Ruggeri
  • Self-Sufficiency or Sustainable Progress for New Brunswick - Edited by J. Ruggeri