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Governor’s Challenge-Bank of Canada

A group of students from UNB’s Economics and Business program is participating the Governor’s Challenge initiative to forecast the key interest rate and the monetary policy for the Bank of Canada. It’s a comprehensive competition among undergraduate students of Canadian universities for projecting the monetary policies to be taken in the upcoming years. This competition is expected to stimulate better understanding among undergraduate students about the decision making process of the Bank of Canada. Analyzing available data and applying quantitative techniques, participating teams would analyze and forecast whether the Bank should raise, lower or leave the key interest rate unchanged in near future.

You can learn more about the Governor's Challenge by clicking here.

UNB team is a follows:

Student Group:

Farshidian, Matin

Keith, Colin

Looby, Shanteala Veronica

Manley, Aiden Jozeph

McGraw, Colin

Faculty Advisor:

Murshed Chowdhury

Governor's Challenge