The Centre was constituted by the Senates and the Board of Governors of the University of New Brunswick, and is operationally and financially responsible to the University through the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.  The Governing body of the Centre consists of the Director, a UNB Faculty member and the Advisory board which consists of three Faculty members and three members from the New Brunswick community. The Director is responsible for developing a programme of activities and projects for the Centre and for seeking funding to support these activities and projects.  The Advisory Board is responsible for discussing the planning, policy and finances of the Centre, and for offering advice to the Director on these matters.


  • Maria Papaioannou, Ph. D. (Classics and Ancient History)

Members of the Advisory Board:


  • William Kerr, Ph.D. (Faculty, Classics and Ancient History)
  • Antigone Panagiotakis (B.Ed.)
  • Nick Papadopoulos, BScEE,P.Eng
  • Adrian Tronson, Ph.D. (Faculty, Classics and Ancient History)
  • Litsa Tryphonopoulos