Gabe Hrynick (Assistant Professor)

GabeDr. Gabe Hrynick is an archaeologist specializing in the study of coastal hunter-gatherers, especially their domestic and ritual structures and spaces. He joined UNB as an assistant professor of anthropology in 2016, and currently has research support from the Harrison McCain Foundation. Prior to joining UNB, he worked in academic, museum, and CRM contexts, and has supervised research on projects dating from the Palaeo-Indian period to the Pequot War.

Dr. Hrynick’s major field programme is an ongoing study of eroding shell-bearing sites in the Maine portion of the Quoddy Region, spanning the Terminal Archaic to the Protohistoric period. One central theme of this work is elucidating the Late Maritime Woodland to Protohistoric transition, particularly the ways in which Wabanaki peoples engaged in complex relationships over long distances with Europeans and Indigenous peoples.

With Dr. Matthew Betts, Dr. Hrynick is a collaborator on the COASTAL Archaeology Project in Nova Scotia, analyzing domestic and ritual features and the organization of domestic space. With Dr. Susan Blair and Kenneth Holyoke, he has also conducted research in the Lower Saint John River Valley on canoe routes, portages, and the movement of lithic materials.

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For prospective graduate students

Dr. Hrynick is actively recruiting graduate students, especially those who are interested in collaborating on the archaeology of coastal hunter-gatherers. He has opportunities for students to work on projects in Maine and the Maritimes.

Please feel free to contact him with enquiries.  

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Gabe Hrynick

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