Our Stories

Craig Davidson

Rust and Bone

With a newborn by his side and a movie made out of his short stories, University of New Brunswick master’s in English graduate Craig Davidson is making a name for himself. Read More.

Kwame Dawes

Life-changing experience

Author and Emmy winner Kwame Dawes says much of the work he does today is the result of the opportunities offered to him at UNB. Read More.

Diana Austin

Excellence in Education

UNB English professor Diana Austin believes every student has the chance to succeed in her courses, and she works with them to make that happen. Read more.

Darren Piercey

Fighting fears 

UNB Fredericton psychology professor Dr. Darren Piercey is using virtual reality to fight fear and anxiety. Read more.

Julie Dickson

Watching over Canada's banks 

Julie Dickson, Canada's top prudential financial watchdog, holds a bachelor of arts in economics from UNB. Read more.

Kate Rogers

Building a better future

 After more than a year working to help people in one of the world's poorest nations, the tale of the man who wanted a better future for his son stands out for Dr. Kate Rogers. Read more.