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UNB is here

The next generation of ocean surveyors are here at UNB

The UNB department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (GGE) is making waves. Not only did it end a half-century scientific debate, it also offers students the shortest pathway to becoming certified hydrographers in Canada.

GGE education recognized by world’s top certification board

UNB offers the only “Category-A” bachelor of science program in North America and has a long history of excellence in GGE ocean-mapping training. Graduates of UNB’s GGE degree are recognized as leaders in the field, not just in Canada, but worldwide.

Leading expertise in scientific discussion on ocean-mapping best practices

Representatives from the UNB geodesy group have been a driving force behind convincing the world to abandon the use of a quasi-geoid and to adopt the geoid to establish a functional height system grounded in physics. This past summer, they ended this half-century scientific debate when they attended an international conference in Italy.

Leaders in experiential education and finding students’ dream careers

UNB places students with industry-leading employers such as Teledyne Geospatial, QPS (Maritime Software Solutions) and the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Exciting experiential-learning opportunities include mapping the Arctic seabed on an icebreaker or working on a research vessel in Hawaii.

Thanks to world-leading faculty and industry partners, GGE graduates enjoy a 100 per cent employment rate.

Join the GGE department and find your opportunity.