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Certificate in Leadership Studies

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The Certificate in Leadership Studies is designed to advance your leadership skills within any community context–from not-for-profit agencies to business and government. You will acquire the skills for developing positive relationships between individuals, groups, and communities to initiate, influence, and achieve change.

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The Certificate in Leadership Studies is a required component of the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) Program. It introduces four concepts:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Projects
  • Leading With Others
  • Leading Others

UNB students who are not in the BIS Program may also take the Certificate in Leadership Studies, or take individual courses within the certificate program as credit towards their UNB degree, with permission from their faculty. If you are not yet a UNB student, you can register in the Certificate in Leadership Studies as an individual program.

RCLP 1001 - Leadership Foundations (3 ch)

You will be introduced to the philosophical and historical foundations of leadership theory and practice. You will also study theories and models of leadership and will explore your own as well as others' potential to contribute to leadership processes. This course focuses on developing your skills in academic reading and writing, self-management and presentation in order to enhance your leadership abilities. The main course outcomes will enhance your academic growth and competency in the Knowing-Self-And-Others (primary) and Personal-Well-Being (secondary) learning outcomes of Renaissance College.

RCLP 1011 - Worldviews, Religions and Cultures (3 ch)

This course explores various religious and secular worldviews or philosophies of life, what they are, how they come to expression in our everyday actions and their formative influence on cultures, communities, individuals and particularly people in positions of leadership. To enhance knowledge of self and others, you will visit sacred places, explore the worldviews of others, and gain critical awareness of your own.

RCLP 1062 - Citizenship and Community (3 ch)

This course provides an interdisciplinary examination of the social, ethical and political dimensions of citizenship. In addition to surveying the rights and duties of citizenship in a democratic society, you will review different forms of civic engagement in the public domain and key issues surrounding social equality and diversity among citizens. These topics are examined in the context of leadership, focusing on the critical understanding of the various roles that citizens play as members of local, national and global communities. Emphasis is placed on developing and maintaining a broad social and political awareness of the forces and events that shape these communities.

RCLP 2001 - Practicing Leadership in Community Projects (3 ch)

You will study and practice leadership in the context of diverse communities and national organizations. Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a leadership project in an organization of your choice, as well as continuous reflection on and evaluation of your project will be at the core of this course. The course will focus on developing your skills in project management, communication, and cooperation. The main course outcomes will enhance your academic growth and competency in the Problem-Solving (primary) and Effective-Citizenship (secondary) learning outcomes of Renaissance College.

RCLP 3030 - Integrated Learning Portfolio (3 ch)

Students graduating from the Bachelor of Integrated Studies are required to construct personal learning portfolios to demonstrate achievement in each of the program's articulated learning outcomes. This course will introduce you to the learning outcomes, the theory and practice of experiential learning, and reflective writing, as you work toward constructing your understanding of the role and purpose of a personal learning portfolio.

RCLP 3031 - Applied Leadership Project (3 ch)

In this online course, you will be introduced to the framework for an applied leadership project. You will identify an existing leadership challenge within an organization of your choice, research and assess approaches for addressing the challenge, and create a project report detailing the results, including applicable recommendations.

The certificate consists of five 3-credit hour courses, all of which are available online. You may complete the certificate face-to-face or online. Courses are offered on a rotation over fall/winter terms. Check the UNB course timetable for dates and times.

Interested applicants who are not currently UNB students can apply here.

UNB students can register for courses through their UNB eServices. Completion of required courses for the certificate will be noted on your transcript.

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