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Subject Course No. Credit Value
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering GGE 4313 Four (4) credit hours

This course equips students with essential knowledge and skills in photogrammetry and introduces LiDAR. By the course's end, students will gain the knowledge of photogrammetric principles, systems, sensors and products; geometry of vertical, tilted and stereoscopic aerial photographs; fundamental photo and model space coordinate systems; photogrammetric measurement and refinement; direct and inverse coordinate transformations; collinearity conditions, direct linear transformation and rational function models; interior and exterior orientations; concepts of aero-triangulation; principles of images matching and epipolar geometry; DEM generation and orthorectification; close range and UAV photogrammetry; flight project planning; and basics of LiDAR systems.

Contact the instructor to request a syllabus.

Instructor: Shabnam Jabari
Prerequisite: GGE 3342 and GGE 3111

  • Explain the fundamental concepts, geometric foundations, and advantages and disadvantages of photogrammetric systems, sensors and measurements in comparison to other geospatial data collection methods.
  • Apply the principles of photogrammetry and LiDAR effectively, demonstrating an understanding of their potential applications, risks and limitations.
  • Identify and utilize reliable sources of information on photogrammetry and LiDAR to solve complex problems and make informed decisions. 

Students have six months from the registration date to complete the course. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date.

Assignments and examinations

  • 10 x quizzes (20%)
  • 4 x lab assignments (40%)
  • 1 x final exam (invigilated, 40%)

The exam(s) for this course will be invigilated on an approved date using Respondus e-proctoring software (LockDown Browser and Monitor). This is a free tool provided with this course, a webcam is required. More information will be given once you have been registered.

Fees and payments

There is a $150 non-refundable/non-transferable online fee per course in addition to applicable tuition & fees. Learn more about our payment options.

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