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Fluid and Fluid-Particle Mechanics

Subject Course No. Credit Value
Engineering CHE 2703 Four (4) credit hours

Fluid Mechanics is a very broad discipline with applications to virtually all aspects of engineering, ranging from extremely large systems such as ocean currents and wind turbines, to everyday machines such as cars and fans, to microscopic systems such as blood flow and even nanotechnology.

The most common fluids are ones we interact with every single day: air and water. The fluid mechanical phenomenon of turbulence dominates our existence as well as almost all of engineering practice.

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Instructor: Brian Lowry
Prerequisite: MATH 1013 (or any calculus course including integration and ordinary differential equations).

  • Fluid mechanics operates at several different levels, and the progression of this course roughly follows that: fluid statics (think of decreasing pressure if you go up a mountain, or increasing pressure if you dive underwater), fluid momentum, and applications including pipe flow, pipe fittings, valves and pumps.

  • This course draws a single thread through almost everything, by defining a "currency" of fluid mechanics that arises from a key correlation (the Bernoulli equation). Fluid-particle mechanics is an application-driven discipline that can be thought of as the separation of solid particles from gases and liquids.

  • This course illustrates this via two key applications: clarifiers and cyclones.

  • Fluid Mechanics is a core foundation for further study in Chemical Engineering, as well as Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The focus in this course is on viewing fluid mechanics through a chemical engineering lens, with emphasis on pressure as a key quantity.

Students have six months from the registration date to complete the course. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date.

Assignments and examinations

  • 12 x assignments (18%)
  • 3 x quizzes (42%)
  • Final test (40%)

Fees and payments

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