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College of Extended Learning

Complete the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) online

You may be able to complete your BIS from a distance, depending on your background and area of interest. Of the 120 credit hours of coursework required for the program, at least 45 credit hours must be from UNB. UNB courses can be taken onsite at the Fredericton or Saint John campuses, or online. The balance of the required credits may be earned through a combination of transfer credit, PLA, and study from other institutions (either online or face-to-face).

How to complete 45 credit hours at UNB:

Complete a minor online

BIS students must complete a minor (24 credit hours) as part of the program requirements. A minimum of 12 credit hours toward your minor must be earned through UNB. You can meet the minor requirement wholly or partially online in each of the following disciplines:

Can't find what you are looking for at UNB? You may find online courses to complete your minor requirements at Canadian Virtual University.

Business Administration (24ch)

UNB Credit:
ADM 1113 (3ch)
ADM 1213 (3ch)
ADM 1313 (3ch)
ADM 2223 (3ch)
ADM 2413 (3ch)
ADM 2815 (3ch)

ADM 3315 (3ch)
ADM 3225 (3ch)
ADM 3345 (3ch)
ADM 3445 (3ch)
ADM 4326 (3ch)

Adult Education (24ch)*

*Equivalent to minor (optional certificate in Adult Education in addition to minor)
Please note:
Courses are offered on a rotational basis.

UNB Credit:
ED 3011 (3ch)
ED 3024 (3ch)[Teleconference option]
ED 3113 (3ch)
ED 3114 (3ch)
ED 3115 (3ch)
ED 4012 (3ch)
ED 4032 (3ch)
ED 4045 (3ch)

ED 4061 (3ch)
ED 4102 (3ch)
ED 4113 (3ch)
ED 5011 (3ch)
ED 5022 (3ch)
ED 5157 (3ch)
ED 5164 (3ch)
ED 5171 (3ch)

Economics (24ch)

UNB Credit:
ECON 1013 (3ch)
ECON 1023 (3ch)
ECON 1073 (3ch)
ECON 3013 (3ch)
ECON 3023 (3ch)
ECON 3204 (3ch)

ECON 3205 (3ch)
ECON 3505 (3ch)
ECON 3705 (3ch)
ECON 3775 (3ch)
ECON 3865 (3ch)

Philosophy & Ethics (24ch)

UNB Credit:
PHIL 1101 (3ch)
PHIL 1201 (3ch)
PHIL 2201 (3ch)
PHIL 2203 (3ch)
PHIL 3207 (3ch)
PHIL 3208 (3ch)

Transfer Credit:
PHIL 3xxx/4xxx (3ch)

Psychology (24ch)

UNB Credit:
PSYC 1013 (3ch)
PSYC 1023 (3ch)
6CH of any of the following foundation courses:
PSYC 2203 (3ch)
PSYC 2313 (3ch)
PSYC 2403 (3ch)
PSYC 2603 (3ch)
PSYC 2613 (3ch)

9CH of any of the following upper-level courses:
PSYC 3213 (3ch)
PSYC 3365 (1ch)
PSYC 3663 (3ch)
PSYC 3673 (3ch)

Sociology (24ch)

UNB Credit:
SOCI 1503
SOCI 3006 (3ch)
SOCI 3007/FVI 3007 (3ch)
SOCI 3403 (3ch)
SOCI 3605 (coming summer 2019)
SOCI 3634 (3ch)

Transfer Credit:
SOCI 1xxx/2xxx (3ch)
SOCI 1xxx/2xxx (3ch)
SOCI 1xxx/2xxx (3ch)

Complete the Certificate in Leadership Studies online

BIS students must complete a Certificate in Leadership Studies comprised of the following 5 courses (15 credit hours), which can be completed entirely online. Courses are offered on a 2-year rotational basis, except RCLP 3030, which is offered every year:

Complete elective courses online

The balance of the BIS program is comprised of elective courses. Below is a list of electives offered online. You may also take any of the courses listed under minors if you are not using them to fulfill your minor requirement.

It is recommended that you consult with your faculty academic advisor regarding the requirements for your minor to assure your course selections fit the coherent set of courses as called for by the general university regulations. Students should work closely with the individual department to have their minor approved by an academic advisor and develop a study plan.

Elective credit options

ANTH 2504 (3ch)
ANTH 3364 (3ch)
ANTH 3704 (3ch)

BIOL 1009 (3ch)
BIOL 1719 (4ch)
BIOL 1789 (4ch)
BIOL 2259 (3ch)
BIOL 2509 (3ch)
BIOL 2519 (3ch)

ENGL 1145 (3ch)
ENGL 1146 (3ch)

FVI 2001 (3ch)

GGE 3423 (4ch)
GGE 4423 (5ch)
GGE 5403 (3ch)

MATH 1003
MATH 1013 (3ch)
MATH 1503 (3ch)

POLS 3614 (3ch)

STAT 2263 (3ch)

These courses plus any of the courses listed above under possible Minor pathways can be taken as elective credit to fulfill the balance of the BIS Program.