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Annual Report 2017

Student support a priority

UNB Saint John student Jarred Crawford

Every day at UNB, we see first-hand how a university education transforms lives, creates opportunities and enriches the personal experiences of our students.

That’s why we place a priority on supporting our students – we know the value of the education they’re here to pursue.

At the University of New Brunswick, more than $10.5 million in financial aid was available to our students in 2016-17, and nearly 70 new student awards were created.

Of that financial aid, nearly $6 million was awarded from funds pledged to the university by generous donors – twice as much as eight years earlier.

Generous donors like Charles MacDonald – thanks to the Patricia and Charles MacDonald Scholarship, students like Carlee Calver, Emmanuel Hebert and Kirstin Duffley are supported in their studies. Indeed, the scholarship has supported a total of 16 students to date, each unique in their abilities and aspirations.

Student support the centrepiece

Student support is the centrepiece of our current $110 million fundraising campaign, It Begins Here, where fully half of the goal is earmarked for scholarships, bursaries and other supports for those enrolled at UNB.

For Quispamsis, N.B. native Jarred Crawford, it began with science at the University of New Brunswick. Through his coursework, Mr. Crawford discovered interests that led him to specialize in health science and, ultimately, to pursue a career in radiation therapy.

Significant impact of donors

He says attending UNB’s Saint John campus has been fulfilling – it has allowed him to study close to his home, play varsity basketball and volunteer in areas that are important to him, such as working with children in sport and academics to boost their confidence and skills.

Through it all, Mr. Crawford credits the significant impact donors have made in helping him achieve his academic dreams.

“I would not be able to do everything that I do and give back to the community – which is what I get recognized for most of the time – if I did not have that financial aid to help me pay for school,” he says.

Grateful for advantages

Mr. Crawford started in the science program in the fall of 2011, later switching to pursue a bachelor of health sciences degree, enrolled in the radiation therapy program. He wrapped up course work in December and has been immersed in his clinical studies as he prepares for graduation in the fall.

He is grateful for the advantages the Saint John campus provides, including close proximity to his home, small class sizes and the positive influence of professors who greatly assisted his progress.

Another big advantage is its location, next door to the Saint John Regional Hospital, and its collaboration with the Horizon Health Network, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Community College. Through the Tucker Park Collaborative initiative, health science students like Mr. Crawford build critical skills through a team approach to patient and family-centred care.

“To have opportunities so close to home, to have such renowned and advanced opportunities in your backyard, and to have people who want you to take advantage of those opportunities is pretty special,” he says.