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Annual Report 2017

Financial snapshot

The 2016-17 Operating Fund Statement reports a Structural Operating Deficit before one-time items of $5.3 million, a difference of $1.2 million from the approved budget deficit of $4.1 million.

The net operating deficit after one-time items was $1.5 million (0.8 % of total revenue), $1.1 million better than the approved $2.6 million budget deficit.

UNB received a clean (unqualified) audit opinion by external auditors on the audited consolidated financial statements.

Looking forward

Strategic growth plan

  • Using academic plans developed by the faculty and approved by Senates to guide academic program development
  • Continuing efforts to recruit and retain the best students
  • Providing strong educational, research, and real life experiences
  • Linking the academic plan with budget planning to ensure effective resource allocation that is within our economic and financial reality
  • Eliminating our operating deficit by 2020-21
  • Negotiating a multi-year memorandum of understanding with the Government of New Brunswick to establish predictability of provincial operating grant and student tuition rates