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Annual Report 2017

Strong and proud

The University of New Brunswick, while steeped in history and proud tradition, is focused on the future.

The future of our more than 10,500 students studying across our campuses and partnership institutions – people we know are entrusting us to help propel them into better futures and new opportunities.

It is because of our commitment to them that we continue to rank among the best comprehensive universities in Canada by Maclean’s magazine – and top-ranked in Atlantic Canada. Across the globe, UNB ranks in the top percentile (3.3 per cent) of more than 27,000 institutions tracked by the Center for World University Rankings.

We invest in the future knowing the strength and commitment of those who have chosen to work for us. As one of the largest employers in the province, with more than 3,200 people, we take seriously our commitment to our faculty and staff. Because of that commitment, none other than the Globe and Mail continues to rank us as one of Canada’s Top 100 employers in 2017.

We’re focused on the future of our communities, our province and our country. We know that advancing knowledge and impactful research opportunities can transform not only our students, but society as well. That’s why we continue to grow our research agenda in meaningful and exciting ways.

We’re transforming public policy research for the future with the New Brunswick Institute of Research Data and Training. Capitalizing on our long history in computer science research, we launched the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, working with global leaders like IBM.

With the Emera & NB Power Research Centre for Smart Grid Technologies at UNB and the Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, we’re accelerating research in emerging fields.

While we’re proud to be New Brunswick’s research powerhouse, we know our capacity for innovation reaches across Canada – indeed, around the world.

Not only are our researchers making a difference for the future, but our graduates are too. Over the last decade, we’ve granted more than 36,000 degrees at all levels – advances in knowledge that our alumni are using to make societies around them a better place.

We’re proud of the fact that Startup Canada recognizes us as Canada’s most entrepreneurial university. Indeed, in just the last two years, we’ve incubated more than 50 startups. But to us, entrepreneurship is more than creating companies.

Our focus on teaching and promoting entrepreneurship across all disciplines emerges from a belief that embracing the principles of entrepreneurship can empower people to create opportunity for themselves and others. Through opportunity and creativity, they can become future leaders in innovation. They can become instigators of progressive social change.

We’re looking to the future with our It Begins Here campaign – raising $110 million to invest in our faculties, researchers, campuses and students. Indeed, half of the goal – $55 million – is earmarked for student financial aid, to help our students reach their potential.

While we will never shed the pride that comes with being Canada’s oldest English-speaking university, established in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is equally proud of our role in transforming the future.