Undergraduate Programs

As the largest faculty in the only comprehensive university in the province, we offer our students a wide range of undergraduate degrees programs in the humanities, languages, and social sciences.

Degree Programs:

An Arts degree will help you develop your creativity,   communications skills, imagination and flexibility.- the Bachelor of Arts degree program (BA)

  • Students in Arts can opt to concentrate in a single subject area, or to combine areas in two or more disciplines.

- a joint program in Arts and Science

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS)
     This four-year Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree is known as the "Leonardo degree" in honour of the diverse thinker Leonardo da Vinci.

    It provides you with an in-depth scientific education, as well as an understanding of people and the analytical and critical thinking skills acquired in an Arts degree.

- two concurrent degree programs

  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (BA/BSc)
    This five-year concurrent program allows you to complete degrees in both Arts and Science. You will earn both a BA and a BSc.
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science  (BA/BCS)
    This concurrent program allows you to earn both your BA and Bachelor of Computer Science in five years. You will learn both the critical thinking and technical skills required in today's fast paced Information Technology environment.

- a Bachelor of Applied Arts program (BAA) 

  • This four-year program is combines the reasoning, research and writing skills offered in a traditional liberal arts education with the hands-on studio arts courses offered by one of Canada's most respected fine craft schools, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. You will complete two years at both UNB and NBCCD and have the choice of starting at either institution.
Four interdepartmental programs:
Four certificates:
  • Certificate in Ethics
    The primary objective of the Certificate is to respond to the needs of full-time and part-time students at UNB who are interested in developing and demonstrating competency in theoretical and applied ethics.  The Certificate provides students with the opportunity to gain a university-level credential in Ethics that they can transfer to their jobs, their volunteer life, their professions, etc.
    This certificate is the only one of its kind in the Province of New Brunswick.
  • Certificate in Family Violence Issues
    This is an eight-course program offered by the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research in the Faculty of Arts and the College of Extended Learning. The program is aimed primarily at individuals who encounter family violence issues through their work and who are seeking to broaden their knowledge in this field. It would normally be followed on a part-time basis, but is open to full-time students.  
  • Certificate in Film Production
    There are two options to study film at UNB. You can either choose to take the stand-alone certificate on a part-time basis, or you can choose to incorporate film production into a regular degree program, with the approval of the appropriate faculty. Candidates for admission to the stand-alone Certificate Program must meet the university's requirements for admission as a mature student. Enrolment in the Certificate in Film Production is limited.
  • Certificate in Publishing
    The Certificate in Publishing introduces UNB undergraduate students to the fundamentals of publishing by combining classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the workplace. The program combines core courses on topics in publishing with relevant electives and internship experience.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in French
    Students who are not majoring or honouring in French and who are not native speakers of French but who would like to have official recognition of their competence in French as a second language may apply for admission to this program. Full-time students may take these courses as part of their undergraduate program. Persons not working toward a degree may enroll for the courses as part-time students.
Minor and Major Options

In addition to concurrent degrees, interdepartmental programs, and certificates, Arts students can also choose to take a Minor in Business or choose a Major in Science.

Minor in Business: The Minor in Business consists of 24 credit hours of approved Administration courses. Students planning to minor in Business are required to take ADM 1015 and must meet with an advisor in the Faculty of Business Administration Programs and Student Services office, which is located in Singer Hall room 270. Click here for contact information. Students must also meet with their Arts Academic Advisor - contact artsadvising@unb.ca or visit the Student Information pages for more info.

Major in Science: Students interested in majoring in Science should consult with their Arts Academic Advisors as well as the Science Student Services Office.


 Updated August 1st, 2017