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Have you been hacked?

There are lots of cyberthreats out there: hackers, scammers, malware, viruses, ransomware, drive-by attacks, phishing and the list goes on.

With so much of daily life online, and cybercrime getting more sophisticated by the nanosecond, protecting your identity and your data is more important than ever. The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at UNB is committed to creating a safer world that extends beyond screens.

Protecting your privacy. Leading in cyberdefence.

Since acquiring its first computer in 1959, UNB has been a national leader in computer science. As the first university in Canada to offer courses in computer science, the first to create a faculty of computer science and the first to give every student an email account, it’s only natural that UNB would take on the challenge of “cyberwarfare” to combat cybercrime.

Every day the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity deploys cybersecurity professors, researchers, graduate and co-op students on project teams with industry research and development staff. Currently the Institute is working on research projects with Bell Canada, Huawei, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), IBM Canada, the National Research Council, Scotia Bank, Siemens Canada and TD Bank.

Exabytes of opportunity

Researchers in computer science at UNB are authorities in the field, sought after for their capabilities in a range of areas. Recent achievements include the creation of a new dataset to support the development of real-time cyberattack detectors, calling on government to rigorously review COVID-19 contact tracing apps, and developing a new a dataset to protect encrypted communications.

UNB students graduate as cybersecurity experts and have been employed at such organizations and companies as CISCO, the City of Vancouver, Fortinet, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Plato, Siemens, Sophos, Ryerson University, TELUS, TD Bank, the University of Alabama and the University of New Hampshire.

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry, estimated to be worth $170 billion in 2020.

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