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Off-site Construction Research Centre

OCRC research excellence

Mission: Accelerating construction innovation through the improvement and adoption of off-site construction technologies and practices

Vision: To be the Canadian leader in off-site construction knowledge creation and mobilization

Areas of research

  • Network structure mapping
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Virtual design and construction
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Evaluation of digital technologies
  • API development
  • Implementation of augmented and mixed reality in construction
  • Benchmarking, road mapping and implementation of construction technologies
  • Software (CAD and CAM) and manufacturing hardware (CNC)

  • Building envelope testing (air and water infiltration, pressure testing, structural and impact tests)
  • Characterization of mechanical material properties for building materials
  • Finite element analysis
  • Monitoring of structure and material response with digital image correlation
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural component testing under flexure, shear, axial and other loading
  • UNB Building Enclosure Lab (BEL)
  • Use of additive manufacturing in off-site construction

  • Assessment: process mapping, flow charts, process charts, activity diagrams, material movement mapping and modelling
  • Measurement: time studies, video capture
  • Analysis: crew balance charts, productivity ratings, labour utilization factors, cycle charts, identification of non-value add work improvement initiatives, plant layout optimization

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) principles to promote efficiency and sustainability in off-site construction methods.
  • Promotion and knowledge mobilization of off-site construction and prefabrication methods to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.
  • Sustainable material and component reuse strategies in off-site construction.
  • Sustainable building design and structural performance considerations in off-site construction practices.
  • Circular economy principles and life cycle frameworks in off-site construction for sustainable building development.
  • Exploration of sustainable applications of off-site construction techniques, such as modularization and standardization.


Our work


  • Industry-relevant: we were created to be, and are committed to remain, relevant to industry
  • Collaboration: we seek every opportunity to increase our impact through collaboration
  • Excellence: everything we do is carried out to high academic standards to ensure validity, reliability and authenticity
  • Integrity: our actions and interactions are guided by strong moral and ethical principles, including equity, diversity, inclusion and truth and reconciliation

Work with us

Strategic pillars and goals

Pillar 1: Knowledge creation

Our goal is to advance off-site construction knowledge through research and innovation

Pillar 2: Knowledge mobilization

We aim to provide access to knowledge that inspires innovative off-site construction applications

Pillar 3: Governance and operations

We strive to achieve exceptional governance, leadership and operational management

Our commitments

  • Maintain research network and themed
  • Provide direct support to off-site construction companies
  • Widen our industry-wide research initiatives
  • Offer lab testing and additional research services

  • Focus on off-site construction publications
  • Launch an improved construction certification program
  • Provide training and resources to industry and students
  • Establish ourselves as an opinion leader in off-site construction

  • Formalize our executive board
  • Increase staff
  • Enhance our lab to increase testing service offerings
  • Achieve financial sustainability