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Chloe Nova Scotia

Chloe was fit with a myoelectric hand using a one-muscle control system to open the hand.

Everyone was so welcoming and it was such a positive experience...coming to UNB was the best decision we made for Chloe - Brenda (Chloe’s Mom)


Three-year-old Chloe, from Nova Scotia, was born missing her right arm below the elbow. She came to our clinic at age two. Her parents told us Chloe’s previous prosthetic arms never fit properly, as they were heavy and often slipped off. She was encouraged to visit the UNB clinic by another family with similar circumstances whom they met through War Amps of Canada.

The Process

Chloe’s parents wanted her to have the opportunity to try using a myoelectric prosthesis, even though they were not sure she would wear and use it (given her previous experience with prosthetics). We discussed the importance of wearing a prosthesis to assist with two-handed tasks, and to help with balance and posture as she grows.

Chloe was assessed and fitted with a myoelectric hand using a one-muscle control system to open the hand (the hand automatically closes when she relaxes her muscle). She quickly adapted to her new hand, and we spent two days practicing with her hand to help with everyday activities like playing with toys and eating snacks. Her parents were very involved in Chloe’s training, and were able to continue with similar activities at home to encourage Chloe to continue to use her hand.

The Outcome

Chloe is a typical three year old who loves to colour, blow bubbles, ride her bike, and play with her ever-growing collection of dolls. Unlike her previous prosthetics, she proudly wears her “helper arm” every day, and uses it to help her with all of her favourite activities.

Chloe wears her arm every day. She uses it to ride her bicycle, hold toys, fold her baby blankets, carry items, hold her snack dish, and to help me bake and roll out dough. We are amazed at how well she’s used it from such a young age. – Brenda (Chloe’s Mom)