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Institute of Biomedical Engineering

About us

Our experienced team provides a multi-disciplinary approach to upper limb prosthetic solutions

What We Do

Our clinic specializes in fitting myoelectric prostheses; however, other types of fittings are also offered such as cosmetic restorations, passive prostheses, recreational adaptations, or specially designed custom prosthetic devices. The type of fitting is determined based on the desire of the client and family, the client’s lifestyle and vocational interests as well as funding considerations.

Each client (infant, child, adolescent or adult) is assessed at a clinic with one of three physiatrists (specialists in physical medicine) as well as the clinic prosthetist and occupational therapist. Following the clinic appointment, a plan is made for fitting a prosthesis or prosthetic device which best meets the client’s needs.

Who We Help

Upper extremity prostheses and other prosthetic devices are made for people with a variety of limb losses, from a partial hand amputation to complete or multiple limb loss. Prosthetic devices or customized supports are also of benefit to people who have complex upper limb pathologies such as brachial plexus injuries.

Lower extremity prosthetic services are provided to clients who are missing both an upper and a lower limb or who need specialized interdisciplinary involvement as offered by the Institute team. Clients come predominantly from Atlantic Canada; however, some clients travel over 5,000 km to receive prostheses at our clinic.

Our Team

  • Dan Dafonseca, BSc, Prosthetics Research Technician CONTACT
  • Heather Daley, MSc, C.P., Research Prosthetist CONTACT
  • Kristel Desjardins, BBA, Financial and Project Manager CONTACT
  • Wendy Hill, BScOT, Research Occupational Therapist CONTACT
  • Christine Stewart, Office Manager CONTACT

Funding Sources

Prosthetic devices can be very expensive. Although the Institute of Biomedical Engineering is not in a position to provide funding, the staff can assist clients in seeking financial support.

Many provinces in Canada provide partial funding for prosthetic rehabilitation. People who have been to our clinic have received funding from the following agencies:

  • CHAMP Program and Adult Amputee Program of The War Amps
  • Workplace insurance; private health insurance
  • Accident insurance benefits
  • Community service groups

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about funding.