Tilley Hall - Room T205 Renovations

tilley 205 front

Tilley T205 was chosen (along with Tilley T404) to showcase how two identically-sized classrooms can be designed and used somewhat differently, and yet yield the same great results.  This room is also one of the few classrooms on campus to feature the curved seating design.  This feature was specifically chosen to increase sight-lines to the front of the class, while still maintaining adequate seating capacity.

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Large tablet-arms to support laptops, notes, or other items.
  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling.

tilley 205 sideStudent-Faculty Interaction

  • Curved seating designed to increase line-of-sight between student and instructor.
  • Curved seating also gives larger area at the front of the class for instructor to engage students.
  • Instructor podium designed to reduce barriers between student and instructor, while providing sufficient workspace for instructor laptop, notes, or other teaching tools.

Enriching Educational Experiences

tilley 205 plugsSupportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable seating, natural lighting through accessible windows, and new LED lighting that is controllable for maximum effect.
  • UNB is committed to energy-efficiency and Tilley Hall has been recently retrofitted to meet this commitment.

Before Renovations

tilley 205 before