Classroom Renovations - 2013

This year especially, UNB is committed to making a number of improvements and renovations in the classroom space.  On top of the traditional capital funding for renovating the Teaching and Learning Spaces at UNB, Tony Secco, Vice-President Academic, will be adding $1 Million dollars of his own discretionary funds.  In addition to the the six major classroom renovations that we will be doing, we are also making a number of upgrades and improvements to the classroom space.

  • Fixed Data Projector Upgrades - 13 (Carleton 307, Head Hall C127, MacLaggan N21, Singer Hall 449)
  • Full Smart Classroom Installations - 3 (Head Hall D33, Head Hall E4, Marshall d'Avary 120)


Tilley Hall - T205 Tilley 404 Side
Tilley Hall - T205 Tilley Hall - T404
Forestry 203 Forestry 309
Forestry/Geology - F203 Forestry/Geology - F309
IUC 110 Tilley 304
IUC Science Library - 110 Tilley Hall - T304
Tilley Hall 303 Tilley 2nd Floor Hallway
Tilley Hall - T303 Tilley Hall - 3rd Floor Hallway