Forestry/Geology - Room F309 Renovations


Along with F203, key feedback for these rooms in the Forestry/Geology building was around keeping the look and feel of Forestry/Geology.  Students and Faculty both wanted an organic and earthy feel to the classrooms.  Based on this feedback, F309 features a beautiful Red Oak wood with a stained finish.  The result is a truly remarkable and fresh classroom, that still retains the warmth feeling felt throughout the building.

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Large tablet-arms to support laptops, notes or other items.
  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling.
FG309 2

Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Instructor podium designed to reduce barriers between student and instructor, while still providing sufficient workspace for instructor laptop, notes, or other teaching tools.
  • Large and spacious room, allowing students and instructor to freely move about.

Enriching Educational Experiences

  • Enhanced wireless capabilities in the room to provide a strong and reliable connection.
  • Each seat has its own power outlet.
  • This room is equipped with high-definition digital projector and sound, creating a crisp and clear experience.
FG309 HD

Supportive Campus Environment

  • Red Oak wood with a stained finish provides a comfortable and livable space for teaching and learning.
  • Comfortable seating, natural lighting through accessible windows, and new LED lighting that is controllable for maximum effect.
  • Improved air-flow through updated ventilation infrastructure.

Before Renovations