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Certificate in Safety Leadership

Lead with confidence

Safety practitioners are the backbone of ensuring workplace safety, armed with technical expertise to keep operations running smoothly. But to truly make a difference, they must also be adept at influencing senior management and fostering consensus among all employees. 

By honing your soft skills and leadership abilities, and unleashing your potential, you can enhance your effectiveness at safeguarding your organization. Our Certificate in Safety Leadership (CSL) program offers a pathway for you to refine these critical skills, empowering you to drive positive change in your workplace.

Why choose the Certificate in Safety Leadership?

  • Tailored for leadership enhancement
  • Provides a fresh perspective on occupational health and safety
  • Boosts leadership capacity for long-term organizational impact
  • Elevates leadership skills to achieve strategic objectives
  • Delivered 100% online in a self-paced format to accommodate busy schedules

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Explore the courses

Dive into this course and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. You will explore the essential qualities that define a successful safety leader - from mastering leadership fundamentals to nurturing self-awareness and self-knowledge.

In this course, you will:

  • Examine the fundamental organizational structure and significance of leadership in modern business
  • Learn about various leadership styles and the skills required to be an effective safety leader
  • Explore common categories of thinking and behaviour, and their impact on communication
  • Understand and apply key elements essential to safety leadership development

Cost: $580

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In the world of safety, safety leaders wear many hats - they're mentors, coaches, supervisors and influencers all rolled into one.

In this course, we'll equip you with the tools and insights to excel as a safety leader. Through a blend of practical strategies, foundational principles, and actionable concepts, you'll learn how to harness the power of effective communication to connect with others on a deeper level.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the distinction between management and leadership
  • Explore how to apply key aspects of safety leadership in your workplace
  • Examine essential communication skills for safety professionals
  • Understand how to implement key elements of effective safety teams
  • Utilize action planning, gap analysis, and reflective learning

Cost: $580

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Safety leaders hold a pivotal role within their organizations, tasked with garnering support from senior leadership for safety initiatives while upholding professional standards and ethical codes. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate organizational structures with finesse and wield influence for positive change.

In this course, you will:

  • Examine the multifaceted aspects of organizational dynamics and their impact on safety management performance
  • Learn about the strategic planning process and its significance for safety leaders
  • Delve into change management's pivotal role in enhancing safety performance
  • Investigate the importance of collaboration in initiating influence-building efforts
  • Explore the nuances between transactional and transformational leadership

Cost: $580

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Common questions for new students

The Certificate in Safety Leadership is a three-course online program designed to provide the knowledge and skills for leaders working in a safety environment.

You already have the technical savvy required to ensure your organization operates safely. This program will take you further, equipping you with the leadership knowledge and skills to influence your senior leadership and build consensus among the employee group.

There are no prerequisites for admission to this program. If you are a leader, or an emerging leader in OHS who wants to develop your leadership capacity, this program is for you.

The CSL program is comprised of three courses with a total of 156 hours of student engagement.

Each course costs $550, for a program total of $1,650. There are no texts to purchase, we provide the learning material to you in an easily downloadable and printable PDF format which you can then maintain for your future reference.

There are also no additional fees, the price you see is the price you pay.

The CSL program is open-entry and asynchronous, which means you can register and start the program at any time. 

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Our OHS programs are not recognized by student loans as they are not considered part-time or full-time studies. However, our students have been able to obtain funding through alternative routes, including:

  • UNB Awards and Scholarships
  • Student line of credit through your bank
  • RESP's (Registered Education Savings Plan) or RRSP's - you will need to check to see if your registered plan allows for this
  • Employment Insurance

A sponsorship can take many forms. As an example you may be sponsored by your employer, a case manager through a retraining program, or through a third-party group such as WorkSafe.

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Common questions for current students

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