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Annual Report 2017

Expanding recruitment in China

UNB opened a recruitment office in Beijing in the fall of 2016, giving students the opportunity to gather information and ask questions about the university and providing them with certainty in their choice to study in New Brunswick.

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Probing effects of solar storms

Humans have been fascinated with space for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, but there’s still so much to learn. To this day, researchers continue making groundbreaking discoveries about how life on Earth is affected by the final frontier.

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Remembering Vimy Ridge 100 years on

This year, UNB’s Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society and Kent Building Supplies sent 500 Canadian flags to the town of Givenchy-en-Gohelle as a way to mark 100 years since Canada helped liberate the town from German occupation. 

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From Fredericton to Bhutan

Thanks to a long-standing partnership between UNB and Bhutan, Alison Balcom, Chloe Bieber, Sam Crete and Travis Daley were able to experience an internship at Sherubtse College in eastern Bhutan focused on exchanging leadership styles through cultural immersion.

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Teaching IBM’s Watson to fight cybercriminals

IBM’s Watson — the cognitive machine that became famous for beating out human contestants in the game show Jeopardy — is now moving onto the frontlines of the battle against cybercriminals.

And UNB is right by its side.

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Tackling world hunger through technology

Can data help solve the problem of world hunger?

Chris Baker, chair of the computer science department at UNB’s Saint John campus, is on a quest to harness the power of datasets to help ease hunger and malnutrition.

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Alumni representing Canadian interests internationally

UNB students, alumni, faculty and researchers are making a difference around the world. Alumni Dr. Deborah Lyons and David MacNaughton are at the forefront of diplomacy — representing Canada on the international stage.

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