Do you hope to complete your MSc in less than two years?

Students hoping to complete an MSc in less than two years must discuss the timeline with their supervisor(s) before starting the programme.  Failure to plan ahead may preclude early completion.

1.  Record intention and timeline on Programme of Study form, to ensure that all committee members and the DoGS is aware of the plans.

2.  In consultation with the DoGS, schedule your research proposal in the first term of your programme.

3.  Discuss plans to complete BIOL 6000 with the course coordinator within one month of beginning the programme, to schedule the critical review seminar at the end of the second term.  If this cannot be reasonably accommodated, the seminar will be scheduled for early in the next available term.

4.  Attend all BIOL 6000 seminars, and other available seminars and conferences, if at all possible.

Note:  Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies require that tuition be paid for a minimum of 4 terms, regardless of earlier completion of the degree requirements.