Graduate Students


Full time Candidates Thesis Topic Research Interests Supervisor|s
Florence Allaire, MScE Assessing the Potential of Measuring IRI Using Low-Cost Consumer Devices in Seasonal Load Restriction Decision-Making pavement management Dr. Hanson

Kaitlin Hazzard,

Devemopment of Usage Guidelines for Speed Display Units in School Zones road safety, traffic engineering, collision analysis Dr. Hildebrand
Carly MacEacheron, MScE The Deterioration of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity in the Province of New Brunswick road safety, traffic engineering Dr. Hildebrand  Dr. Hanson
Eradius Rwakarehe, PhD

Estimation of Networkwide Traffic Loading Distributions Using Truck Freight Demand Model and Traffic Count Data

transportation planning & engineering

Dr. Hildebrand
Dr. Christie

Part-Time Candidates

Scott Adams,

TBD TBD Dr. Hildebrand
Ahmed Dassouki, MEng TBD TBD Dr. Hildebrand
Jillian DeMerchant, MScE TBD TBD Dr. Hildebrand
Erica Gorman,
TBD TBD Dr. Hildebrand
Peter Lougheed,
 Quantifying the Benefits of Road Safety Audits road safety, traffic engineering, road design, road collision analysis Dr. Hildebrand
Riad Mustafa, P.Eng, PhD Developing GIS-based High-Fidelity Travel Demand Model for Improved Network-wide Traffic Estimation - New Brunswick Case-Study transportation planning, travel demand modeling, GIS-T

Dr. Hildebrand
Dr. Christie