The University of New Brunswick conducts approximately 75 per cent of all university research in the province.

The University of New Brunswick conducts about 75 per cent of all university research in the province.Our researchers are active in a diverse array of subjects ranging from social and government policy to the development of innovative technologies in many scientific fields.

Researchers at UNB are helping develop the next generation of alternative energy technologies, helping lay the groundwork for smarter, safer computing, aiding in the protection of the environment and assisting in furthering humanity's understanding of outer space.

In 2008-09, UNB attracted over $55 million in research funding from various government and private sector sources. In the previous five years, our research revenue had increased 77 per cent, the highest of any Canadian comprehensive university.

In 2008, the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen newspapers recognized UNB as being among the top three comprehensive research universities in Canada for the high percentage growth of our research income over the past five years.

Partner with UNB

UNB is keenly interested in forming research partnerships with other academic institutions, government, NGOs, and the private sector that will benefit UNB, our partners, our province, our region and our country. Our researchers and students can help understand and solve complex challenges. UNB is also eager to set up partnerships that will help the university transfer knowledge and technology from the university to industry, thus improving their competitive advantage through innovation.

UNB's research has led to 177 patents being filed, 101 license agreements and 18 start-up companies as of 2011.