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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs

Forestry and Environmental Management is about trees, plants, water and wildlife. It’s about atmosphere, soil and landscapes. It’s about people: their beliefs, values and needs. In the Forestry and Environmental Management program, you’ll learn how to manage all of these things in sustainable ways, solving complex problems for the benefit of current and future generations. You will help find solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Forestry and Environmental Management at UNB provides the best opportunity for a challenging and productive career in the natural resource sector. It has a proven track record of producing highly sought after natural resource managers for 100 years.

You can choose between a Bachelor of Science in Forestry or a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources as undergraduate degree options to begin your post-secondary career at UNB.

Your Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources degree gives you the option of choosing between one of three majors: Environmental Management, Wildlife Conservation and Water Resource Management.  If you are a forestry graduate from Fleming College you can also choose a major in Urban Forestry within our Bachelor of Science in Forestry program.