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Faculty directory


Area of research


Arp, Paul

 Soils, Forest Ecosystems

Beckley, Tom

Environment and Natural Resources Social Science

Bourque, Charles 
Acting Director of Graduate Studies

Forest Meteorology


Tree Biology, Forest Disturbance

Cunjak, Richard
Joint with Biology

Fish Ethology, Stream Ecosystems Dynamics, Atlantic Salmon Biology

Curry, Allen
Joint with Biology

Fish Habitats, Population Dynamics

Erdle, Thom
Assistant Dean

Forest Management

Forbes, Graham
Joint with Biology

Ecology, Park Management, Conservation Biology

Golding, Jasen

Forest Operations Planning

MacLean, Dave

Professor of Forest Ecology

Gong, Meng

Wood Technology, Wood Mechanics

Gray, Michelle

Aquatic Monitoring, Watershed Assessment, Ecotoxicology

Kershaw, John

Forest Mensuration, Forest Biometrics

Krasowski, Marek

Tree Biology

Lantz, Van

Forest and Environmental Economics

Leblon, Brigitte

Remote Sensing

Linnansaari, Tommi

Biotelemetry, Environmental Flows, Stream and River Ecology

Meng, Fan-Rui

Forest Science

Monk, Wendy

Ecohydrology, Research Associate with the Canadian River's Institute's Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study

Needham, Ted

Stand Intervention Design, Education Program Design

Nocera, Joe

Endangered Species, Forest Wildlife Ecology, Ornithology

Ogilvie, Jae

Wet Areas Mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Rajora, Om

Forest Tree Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology, Genetic Resource Conservation and Sustainable Management

Other faculty & staff

Diamond, Antony W

BA (Cantab), MSc, PhD (Aberd.), Prof, Atlantic Laboratory for Avian Research, (Joint Biology) Professor Emeritus - 1994 

Methven, Ian
BScF (UNB), PhD (Duke), Prof & Dean Emeritus - 1999

Powell, Graham R
BSc (Edin), MSc (UNB), PhD (Edin), Prof Emeritus - 1996

Smith, Ian
BSc (Sund Polyt), MSc (Durh), PhD, (Polyt S Bank), DSc (S Bank), PEng, Professor Emeritus – 1986

Floyd, Don

Quiring, Dan

Keppie, Dan

Benoy, Glenn

BSc (UofT), MSc (McGill), PhD (Guelph), Adjunct Prof – 2009

Eveleigh, Eldon
BSc, MSc (Memorial) PhD (UofT),  Adjunct Prof - 1993

Jaeger, Dirk
BSc, MSc, PhD (University of Götingen), Adjunct Prof - 2014

Ni, Chun
BSc Civil Eng. MSc Civil Eng. (Tongji University) PhD (UNB) Adjunct Prof – 2010

Li, Xiu-Qing
Bsc (Shandong Agr University) MSc & PhD (Paris Univeristy, Adjunct Prof) - 1998

Cameron, Stewart
BSc (Mount Allison), MscF (SUNY College of Forestry at Syracuse), PhD (Griffith Univ), Adjunct Prof – 2010

Taylor, Anthony 

BSc. Environmental Biology (2002, Memorial University of Newfoundland), Forestry (2005, Lakehead University), PhD. Forest Ecology (2009, Lakehead University) - Adjunct Prof - 2018

Wang, Brad 
BSc, Meng (Nanjing), PhD (UBC), Adjunct Prof - 2008

White, Barry
BScF, MScF (UNB), PhD (UBC) – Adjunct Prof - 2009

Martin Alexander

Andi Asiz

Matt Betts

Juliana Birkhoff

Joseph Buckley

Felisa Chan

Louise Comeau

Shawn Dalton

Maurice Defo

Danielle Donnelly

Angela Douglas

Mark Ducey

Keith Fuller

Jasen Golding

Chris Hennigar

Lin Hu

Armand LaRocque

Mike Lavigne

Ling Li

Sheng Li

Mohammad Mohammad

Bryce MacMillan

Joanne MacDonald

David Maguire

Isabelle McMartin

Solange Nadeau

Mina Nasr

Xianzhou Nie

Mark Partington

Douglas Pitt

Bill Richards

Evelyn Richards

Dale Simpson

Marc Skinner

Andre St-Hilaire

Rod Sterling

Ed Swift

Sarah Taylor

Ian Thompson

Jan Weckendorf

Stephen Wyatt

Zisheng Xing

Xinbiao Zhu

Tech/Level I Computer support

Programs Assistant

Technical Team Lead, Contract Instructor Urban Forestry


Administrative Assistant

Chief Technologist

Faculty Administrative Officer, Assistant to the Dean

Student Services Coordinator