Make the world a better place

students and prof in lab

Do you want to help find solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental issues? The world has never needed environmental leaders more than it does right now. You can be one of those leaders.

Do you want a well-paying career that allows you to travel and to make a difference in this world? Your journey begins here.

At the University of New Brunswick Fredericton’s Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to help solve some of society’s most important problems.

Learn how to help conserve forests and wildlife, protect water, adapt to climate change, and control pollution.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs, ranked among the best in North America, build the scientific understanding, management skills, ethics, and passion you need to become a successful caretaker of our natural resources.

Earn a dual Canadian and European Master's degree in just two years! You will study modern sustainable forestry and environmental management approaches. You will gain multicultural perspectives on environmental, economic, and social issues. Check it out. 

When you graduate, you will have a wide variety of career choices, with plenty of opportunities to earn a great salary—right out of school.

In our small classes, you get individualized attention from top-notch professors. You’ll also have a designated faculty advisor to help you plan your courses and set your career goals.

Learning opportunities include hands-on studies in outdoor labs, field trips, and a six-day fall field camp. You will also use the latest technologies, especially in the areas of simulation, ecological modeling, wildlife management, forest engineering, geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS).

Say goodbye to minimum wage summer jobs

Imagine working at a summer job for four months and earning enough money to pay for the next year's tuition and living expenses.

As a student in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, you will be eligible for a high-paying summer job that will give you hands-on experience related to your degree—jobs like a silviculture technician (earning $2,800 per month) or a natural resource worker (earning almost $24 per hour).

To help you land those jobs, you will be trained in résumé writing and interviewing skills and will have access to our job board, which lists summer and permanent jobs.

Past employers include Weyerhaeuser, J.D. Irving, Davey Tree Experts, Bowater, Canadian Forest Service, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, DOMTAR. GENFOR, ASPlundh, Halifax Water, NewPage and GEMTEC.

Strategic plan

In the next decade, New Brunswick and Canada will face unprecedented environmental challenges with profound economic consequences.  We believe that as society increasingly recognizes the critical role the environment plays in sustaining our communities and economy, the need for professional foresters, natural resource and environmental managers and scientists will only grow. The long-term outlook for our graduates is exciting.

Our strategic plan is the result of many hours of consultation among our faculty and staff and written comments from several of our closest collaborators. We seek your advice, ideas and suggestions as we prioritize our efforts over the next three to five years.