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Curriculum and program sequence

This one-year program runs from August to July and consists of 24 credit hours of course work, 6 credit hours for a capstone project and two mandatory non-credit professional development modules. Courses are taught by financial experts from both the investment industry and UNB faculty.

Summer 1: August to September (3 weeks)

  • Pre-term Boot Camp (non-credit)

Term 1: September to December (13 weeks)

  • Financial Data Analysis (3ch)
  • Introduction to Financial Derivatives (3ch)
  • Quantitative Portfolio Investment Management (3ch)
  • One elective (3ch)
  • Professional Development I (non-credit)

Term 2: January to April (13 weeks)

  • Introduction to Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives (3ch)
  • Financial and Portfolio Risk Management (3ch)
  • Algorithmic Trading (3ch)
  • One elective (3ch)
  • Professional Development II (non credit)

Summer 2 • May to June (6 weeks)

  • Capstone project (6ch)

Pre-term boot camp

Our three-week Boot Camp provides you with basic knowledge of coding in high-level computer language, financial databases, quantitative methods, financial markets, corporate finance and accounting.