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Connecting students and employers

Career Development & Employment Services offers employers a wide range of services to help them run successful on-campus recruitment campaigns for full-time, part-time, summer, internship, and volunteer employment opportunities.

Partnering with Career Development & Employment Services at UNB is an effective strategy for companies to engage with students and attract top talent for their organizations. Our campus events serve as a platform for students to explore career possibilities, gain insights into various industries, and interact directly with professionals like you.

We recognize the immense value that your presence brings to these events, as you offer valuable guidance, mentorship, and potential employment prospects.

Host an on-campus event

Connect with motivated and ambitious students actively seeking job opportunities and/or internships.

Enhance brand visibility among students. Recruiters create a positive, lasting impression by sharing company values, culture and unique attributes. Increased brand recognition can attract top talent when students consider their future career paths.

Interact with students on a personal level by engaging in conversation and answering student questions. Direct interaction allows employers to build relationships with potential candidates and establish a network with university faculties.

An opportunity to educate students about the company's industry, career paths and specific job opportunities.

A centralized approach allows employers to share a comprehensive overview of the organization, job requirements, and application process with many students simultaneously.

We invite you and your organization to participate in our annual UNB volunteer fair. This fair will give you the chance to promote your non-profit organization to the campus community and connect with students seeking part-time opportunities for service and career related experience.

We recognize that volunteer recruitment is a challenge facing many non-profit organizations. We also know there are many positive benefits that volunteering can offer students - both personally and professionally.

The benefits

  • Students are seeking a variety of volunteer options including weekly, monthly, and one-time only
  • The UNB volunteer fair raises awareness about your organization and services
  • Meet with students and engage through face-to-face interactions

Note: All job opportunities can be posted on ExperienceUNB's CDEC Job Bank.

Contact employment@unb.ca for more information.

Establishing a presence at the University and a relationship with Career Development & Employment Services and desired faculties.

Employer participation showcases your organization, shares industry expertise, and establishes connections with exceptional students who are eager to make a positive impact. UNB students possess diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences and are ready to contribute their talents to your organization's growth and success.

We work closely with employers to create an environment conducive to networking, learning, and collaboration. Whether it be career fairs, information sessions, panel discussions, or workshops, we aim to facilitate meaningful interactions between recruiters and students. Your involvement will play a crucial role in shaping our students' career trajectories and helping them take confident steps toward a fulfilling professional journey.

Other services offered to employers:

Ethical recruiting

CACEE guidelines for ethical recruitment for employers

This document sets out guidelines for ethical recruitment at post-secondary educational institutions. These guidelines provide a framework for the professional relationships between employers, students, third-party recruiters, and career educators. The guidelines are based on industry research, generally agreed upon by employers and educators, and are advocated by CACEE for national implementation.

Co-op opportunities

All co-op placements are handled by coordinators within each faculty. If you are interested in co-op placements, contact one of our Co-op Coordinators:

Recruitment process

Career Development and Employment Services offers employers a wide range of services to help them run successful on-campus recruitment campaigns for full-time, part-time, summer, and internship employment opportunities. You might not be sure where to start. CDES is happy to work with you to discover your unique recruitment needs.

Arrange a time to meet with our Employer Relations Coordinator to discuss all the opportunities that we have available to meet your recruitment needs on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses.

Book a consultation

Register for a free employer account. Select "Employers" and then select "Employer Registration" from the drop-down menu. Follow the instructions on the page to complete registration. Registration will be approved within 1-2 business days.

Once your account has been approved you can log in anytime through the ExperienceUNB.ca portal. From the top of the page select 'Employers' and then select 'Login' from the drop-down menu. Once logged in, you will see "Career Development and Employment Services" on the left side of the page. After expanding the menu, you will see "Job Postings" and "Post a Job". From there you will be able to fill out the details of the job offer. The job posting will be approved and live to students within 1-2 business days.

For all inquiries related to the job bank, reach out to the ExperienceUNB helpdesk for assistance: experienceunb@unb.ca.

Information sessions can be held virtually or in person. This recruitment initiative allows your organization to make a formal company presentation to promote your organizational needs.

Employer information sessions allow employers to provide students with detailed information about their company and upcoming recruitment campaigns. Information sessions are an effective way to gain visibility in the early stages of the recruitment process.

CDES will assist in organizing the employer information session by:

  • booking a location on-campus
  • connecting you to the appropriate faculty outreach coordinator
  • advertising the session (website, paper posters, & emails to students)
  • arranging audio-visual equipment
  • arranging food orders

When considering the best time to plan an information session, consider students' academic schedules, and refer to important dates for students.

CDES will work with Conference Services to book a suitable space for your information session. Should you require catering services, contact Chartwells, and select your location – Fredericton or Saint John.

Fredericton: employerservices@unb.ca
Saint John: ses.sj@unb.ca

Interview room bookings

Career Development & Employment Services is happy to book a suitable space for your on-campus interviews of UNB students. Contact us to discuss details.

Fredericton: employerservices@unb.ca
Saint John: ses.sj@unb.ca

Employers who wish to contribute to students' career development success may choose to present a workshop on a career and employment-related topic.

Do you have suggestions for success in the workplace? A story about career trajectories? Information about how to make a good impression at an interview? Presentations are a great way to share important career information while creating a brand presence on campus.

Book a consultation to speak with an Employer Relations Coordinator to learn more.

How many career fairs, names of fairs, when they're offered, and some stats on student engagement. Open to students of both Fredericton and Saint John campuses. Career fairs facilitate networking and allow you to learn more about the skills, interests and talents of our UNB students.

Each year UNB hosts three career fairs on our Fredericton campus and two on our Saint Jonn campus.

Sponsorship opportunities

Being a sponsor can bring numerous advantages to your organization. Here are some compelling reasons to consider sponsoring a career fair:

  1. Enhanced brand visibility
  2. Prime booth locations
  3. Enhanced networking opportunities
  4. Exclusive marketing
  5. Recruitment efficiency
  6. Industry connections

**Other sponsorship opportunities on campus include sponsoring workshops and other career-building activities organized by CDES.