Quality assurance is central to our operations. Despite our small size, a quality assurance manager is dedicated to ensuring compliance to industry standards and regulations. Our diverse skill set enables our team to be responsive and offer the range of abilities that are often required in complex or collaborative projects.

With the help of Atomic Energy of Canaca Limited (AECL), CNER’s Quality Management Program (QMP) was originally fashioned after ISO 9000:2001. We are currently upgrading and revising our QMP to be consistent with the CSA N299-3 standard for nuclear services.

As a company, we are committed to providing outstanding customer service. This commitment is emphasized by providing:

  • Specialized Skills
    • Through collaborations with the University and PhD-level engineers, our services offer very high-level skills.
  • Quality Products and Services

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Test Facilities

Staff checking a monitor

At CNER and within UNB Nuclear, our world-class laboratory and staff offer state-of-the-art testing facilities and expertise.

We operate eight registered high-pressure, high-temperature test loops which enable the simulation of various industrial processes. Our loops are fully automated with our latest display, data management, and control systems. Process parameters such as chemistry, flow, temperature, and pressure are monitored, stored and alarmed using a customized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

  • Loop 1 is a steam cycle chemistry test loop for corrosion evaluation.
  • Loop 2 is a re-circulating loop designed to simulate the primary heat transport system of a CANDU® nuclear reactor and can also be utilized for steam cycle testing.
  • The Supercritical water test loop is designed to monitor the chemistry and general corrosion of a fluid transport system under supercritical conditions.
  • Additional loops/systems include refreshed autoclaves, two-phase FAC loop, and high-temperature electrochemistry.