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Centre for Nuclear Energy Research


In December 2010, CNER was reorganized as a research institute within UNB. The new institute retains the corporation's history, continued client relationships and continues to maintain the expertise of its personnel. As a research institute within the university, CNER can now leverage a broader array of university researchers' expertise and services.

After 2016, CNER’s scope of work has increased dramatically.

Current and ongoing projects

  • ARC Nuclear Canada Inc and UNB/CNER have partnered for the advancement of ARC Nuclear's ARC-100 technology development and engineering studies.
  • Moltex Energy and UNB/CNER have partnered in the nuclear research cluster that is working on research and development on small modular reactor technology (SMR's).
  • Using HEPro at a Nuclear Facility during hot conditioning in the Primary Heat Transport System (PHTS) as a tool to monitor the corrosion rate of feeder pipes and to give an indication of the progression and success of PHTS hot conditioning process. (With the HEPro and the online corrosion measurements, significant time savings on the critical path to plant restart is achievable)
  • CNER has Partnered with Thermal Chemistry Inc. on a Electrochemical Corrosion Study to investigate the “Use of Electrochemical Corrosion Techniques to provide rapid and reliable corrosion species data under plant operating chemistry conditions”.
  • Modelling corrosion product and activity transport in the CANDU PHT system
  • Investigations into the Impacts of Film Forming Substances (FFS) and their Degradation Products on Power Plant Systems, Instruments, and Chemistry Control"
  • Point Lepreau has an HEPro – a hydrogen effusion probe – for monitoring feeder pipe corrosion in the primary heat transport system.
  • Fundamental studies of hydrogen migration through steels and the design of the collection system for the second-generation hydrogen effusion probe – the HPPro.
  • Verification tests are underway at CNER to support the HPPro design.
  • CNER is testing the effects of combined impurities on steam boiler corrosion.

Past projects

  • Benchmarking and predicting reactor inlet header temperature (RIHT) trends for Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station
  • CNER developed the ECPro™ and the HEPro™ corrosion monitors after being awarded a 5-year project funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s (ACOA) Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) to Investigate “Process System Corrosion Mitigation Technology”
  • CNER formed a Learning Partnership with NB Power to enhance nuclear industry preparedness for students through NB Power's Employee Growth and Evolution Strategy.
  • CNER was awarded a 3.5 year AIF project funded by ACOA. The project entitled “Smart Instrumentation for the Energy Sector”, involved the design, development and industrial field demonstrations on novel condition monitors; the initial development of the HPPro sensor was an outcome of this project.
  • CNER has provided Human Performance Training to support our clients for many years.
  • The effects of Film-Forming was evaluated in one of our test loops.
  • Corrosion and radiation chemistry test relevant to the End Shield cooling system.
  • Tests that evaluate chemical corrosion and material degredation in supercritical water.