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We maintain a full-time research staff along with university student researchers.

Each CNER staff member brings unique and specialized skills to provide your company with the best possible solution.


Dr. Cook honed the skills and knowledge required to conduct research in high temperature and pressure systems at UNB and is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading expert in chemistry and corrosion control in nuclear power plants and steam raising systems.

Mr. Morris has several years of experience in quality assurance, process monitoring and maintenance in manufacturing and industrial processing environments. Some of his responsibilities included troubleshooting and root cause analysis to solve process related problems, laboratory testing, auditing of quality assurance procedures and implementing controls to improve quality.

Mr. Belliveau has previously worked in the engineering consulting industry (mining, energy, oil and gas) as a process design engineer responsible for the supervision, execution and analysis of bench, mini-pilot, and pilot test programs. Additionally, he has carried out process simulations, designed equipment, created discounted cash flow models, written reports, created flow sheets, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and General Arrangements (GAs), commissioned new plants and has been responsible for operational troubleshooting.

Mr. McCann has many years of experience in industrial R&D. Previously, he has been involved in the design and construction of pilot scale systems focused on commercialization of a proprietary plasma technology and was responsible for environmental management programs and permitting. Additionally, he has implemented test plans for solids characterization and is familiar with many laboratory techniques (TGA, electron microscopy, XRD, EDAX, Raman spectroscopy, GC/MS, etc.).

As a Systems Engineer at CNER, Mr. McCann focuses on maintaining the test loops, supporting graduate students in their research activities and developing the HEPro system.

Olga Palazhchenko is a Research Associate at the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research at the University of New Brunswick. Her research interests include high-temperature aqueous chemistry and computational mass and heat transfer modelling.

During her doctoral work at the University of New Brunswick, Olga worked on developing and optimizing the UNB-CNER CANDU PHT System Material and Activity Transport code. As a Research Associate at CNER, she has continued to contribute to the expansion of the model via industry collaboration with Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station. She actively presents her research at numerous conferences including the European Corrosion Congress, the International Conference on Water Chemistry in Nuclear Reactor Systems, and the International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam.

Dr. Ferguson earned her PhD from the University of Guelph in 2018. Her doctoral research was focused on high-temperature aqueous solutions, specifically boric acid chemistry under PWR coolant conditions using a unique high-temperature flow AC conductivity cell. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at CNER, she is helping to develop the necessary capabilities and methodologies for the measurement of the thermophysical properties of molten salts for applications in the development of SMRs.

Dr Liu research interest includes Surface analysis of materials to provide better understanding of materials corrosion.

Dr. Liu worked as an Instructor and researcher in China and Japan for many years. She currently works as a research scientist and conducts the research projects and manages the Surface Analysis Laboratory. She likes playing table tennis, swimming, hiking, traveling and sightseeing.

Mr. Jordan Lyons has been working in the nuclear and power generation industry for the past 5 years. He obtained a Master's of Science in Chemical Engineering from UNB in 2017; his research focused on water chemistry and corrosion control in irradiated water systems.

Jordan has also gained experience in chemistry and corrosion control in non-irradiated water systems, real-time thermal hydraulic simulations, and nuclear power plant operations. Recently he has been involved in Reactor Physics support for CANDU 6 reactors; specifically, thermal hydraulic and neutronic analysis and supporting software development and quality assurance.

Current students

  • Pongpat Santiwiparat (PhD)
  • Jirapinya Kongtuk (PhD)
  • Jack Flood (MSc)
  • Devon Stagg (MSc)
  • Moni Aransiola (MSc)
  • Paige Wilson (MSc)
  • Jessica Gauthier (MSc)
  • Eric Saulnier (MSc)
  • Morgan McGregor (MSc)

Advisory Board

CNER is fortunate to have the following individuals with their vast individual and collective experience helping to guide us along our way.

  • Mr. Eric Cook (Chair)- Executive Director, Research and Productivity Council of NB
  • Dr. Derek Lister - Prof. Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering, UNB
  • Dr. David MaGee - Vice President Research, UNB
  • Ms. Kelly Ashfield - Executive Director, Office of Research Services, UNB
  • Mr. Paul Thompson - Senior Strategic Advisor, NB Power
  • Dr. Robert Holmes - Chief Scientist, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Mr. Dean Taylor - Senior Strategic Advisor (SMR Program), NB Power

Centre for Nuclear Energy Research
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