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 How Can We Assist You With Your Consulting Needs?


Is plant safety and equipment longevity important to your company? They're important to us too. At the Centre of Nuclear Energy Research (CNER), we specialize in water chemistry control and corrision detection, monitoring, and prevention to give you the peace of mind you deserve. With experience in nuclear and fossil power plants, pulp and paper mills, as well as information technology, our qualified and motivated staff members can assist your company with its corrosion challenges by providing industrial research and comprehensive consulting services. 


What Are Your Organization's Corrosion Concerns?

Your company may be challenged with the following corrosion issues:
    • Predicting pipe degredation
    • Predicting the effects of chemistry upsets or process transients on your piping systems
    • Determining the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors
    • Understanding what causes corrosion and how to prevent it
    • Attaining specialized tools or equipment for real-time corrosion prediction or corrosion failure analysis

For more detailed information on the services we offer visit our services page or simply contact us for a free consultation.