Message from the president

Paul Mazerolle, President, University of New Brunswick

Twelve months ago, the hopeful start to a new decade was shattered by the effects of the worldwide pandemic: illness, isolation, uncertainty, restricted activity and seemingly endless change. We in New Brunswick and at UNB adapted to a new reality, more quickly and resourcefully than seemed possible at first.

Throughout this complicated process, our dedicated faculty and staff have remained steadfastly committed to the University’s mission and our responsibilities to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience, to continue the pursuit of knowledge through research and scholarship, and to serve and support our communities. Our goal has been to keep everyone safe while still carrying on the important work of the University and preserving its integrity as a place of higher learning.

Much of this has required alternative delivery methods (ADM), with a majority of our classes offered online, blended with in-person labs and seminars wherever possible. Though the pandemic precipitated this dramatic change, on the positive side we are learning a lot about what makes remote education effective and identifying opportunities to extend UNB’s reach into the global community.

During this difficult time, we have remained focused on the future. Our Strategic Vision, UNB Toward 2030, was developed through an extensive two-year consultation. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the community helped us to create a robust framework for our future, on which I have been pleased to collaborate and to champion since my arrival in July 2019.

As you would expect, the vision is aspirational but, I firmly believe, abundantly attainable over the next decade. The commitment to achieving our ambitious goals is palpable--for growing our research, providing transformative education, serving the public good, investing in our people, building a modern, integrated and sustainable UNB, and much more. Underpinning every one of our objectives are the principles of Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to which we adhere.

Being the oldest English-language university in Canada, UNB has a rich historical perspective on which to draw. During the influenza pandemic of 1918, against the will of President C.C. Jones, UNB was forced to close by the Minister of Health. A century ago, that meant a complete suspension of all activities. Fortunately, in 2020-21, technology, advanced medical knowledge and perseverance have meant the UNB community has been able to carry on providing high-quality education, conducting cutting-edge research and achieving our mission.

We have overcome many setbacks in the past and will do so again. Our mission is clear, our values are strong, and our commitment to education, research and scholarship is enduring. As I like to say, the world needs more UNB.

With kind regards,

Paul Mazerolle
President and Vice-Chancellor