Message from the President

Eddy Campbell, President, University of New Brunswick

At the University of New Brunswick, we know our students want more than a traditional university degree. They want an education that prepares them for a global future – a future that demands critical thinking, innovation and resourcefulness.

At the University of New Brunswick, we believe every future matters. This belief fuels the experience we offer our students. While we are Canada’s oldest English university – founded in 1785, we are older than the country itself – we are most excited about what lies ahead.

At UNB, we believe in innovation as a pathway to success. Innovation propels societies forward, improves lives, spurs discovery and advances higher knowledge.

We are big enough to offer a global education and to embrace world-class research. Yet, we are small enough to offer an education that is trusted and personal, where professors know your name and your potential.

We know our students want to be innovators – they want an engaging education that positions them for success. They know the classroom is important but also believe, as we do, that there is an enriching education to be had outside the lecture hall. That’s why we offer opportunities for hands-on research and co-op work terms. That’s why our students can broaden their own worlds with our study abroad program and by learning in a very real way about entrepreneurship.

We are, after all, the nation’s most-entrepreneurial university, a distinction bestowed upon us by Startup Canada. This is because, for decades now, we’ve been nurturing a culture of entrepreneurial thinking.

At UNB, we’ve helped our students launch highly successful companies. Yet for us, entrepreneurship isn’t just about business. It is about students from any discipline learning how to harness the power of ideas to create opportunity for themselves and others. It’s about mentorship, collaboration, discovery – and taking chances.

At UNB, we believe in the power of our students to create a future that matters.

H.E.A. (Eddy) Campbell
President and Vice-Chancellor