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Integration of business intelligence and modular construction for affordable homes in Canada with the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development

Oxford Brookes University

The workshop will delve into the crucial intersection of Business Intelligence (BI) and modular construction for affordable housing in Canada. With the country facing an acute housing crisis, this workshop explores how BIM tools, e.g., Revit and Business Intelligence tools like Power BI can revolutionize green building design, specifically targeting the urgent need for eco-friendly and cost-effective housing solutions.

Participants will analyze energy consumption, material usage, waste management, and occupant comfort to develop optimized designs for modular homes, contributing to a more sustainable and accessible housing landscape.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about integrated BIM and BI's practical applications in addressing housing affordability and sustainability challenges, with a focus on actionable insights and real-world impact.

Note: participants will need their computers and access to Autodesk Revit and Microsoft PowerBI which can be assessed as a free educational license.

Workshop host

BSc, Dipl.-Ing., PGCert, MA, PhD, HDR, CEng, MIET, FHEA

Fonbeyin Henry Abanda

Henry is a Reader in Construction Informatics and conducts research for the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development in Oxford Brookes University. He is a Chartered Engineer, holds an HDR in Digital Construction Technology (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France) and a PhD in Construction IT (Oxford Brookes University, UK).

His teaching and research interests are in Semantic Web, BIM, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning and Digital Twins applications in construction.

He has worked on research projects funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, the International Labour Organisation and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Henry has co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles, 43 peer-reviewed conference articles, seven international reports, four book chapters, co-authored one book and co-edited another, all in Construction IT field.

He has supervised to completion and currently supervising a number of PhD students researching on BIM, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins applications in construction practice.

Henry ongoing and future research entails investigating ways of integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM), and other digital technologies, such as the Internet-of-Things, Business Intelligence, AI and Big Data for optimising information and resource management with the ultimate goal of making buildings and cities smarter and affordable.

CSA standards and guidelines for modular construction with CSA Group

CSA Group

Amidst the housing supply and affordability challenges facing Canada, modular construction emerges as a promising solution offering enhanced efficiency and shortened project timelines. However, a widespread lack of knowledge persists within the industry and regulatory bodies regarding modular construction.

To address this gap, CSA has developed essential standards and guidelines, including CSA A277 for certification procedures, CSA Z250 for project delivery processes and CSA Z252 for approval considerations.

This workshop aims to deepen understanding of these standards and their pivotal role in supporting the modular construction sector. Participants will gain insights into the certification requirements, project delivery phases and approval processes outlined by CSA standards, empowering them to navigate modular construction projects effectively.

Additionally, the workshop will provide an overview of specialized training programs designed to educate authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and other stakeholders on the intricacies of modular construction, fostering informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Workshop hosts

Sarah Chung

Sarah Chung is a Project Manager at CSA Group responsible for modular construction and plumbing standards. She works with a diverse group of stakeholders to manage, facilitate and build consensus to drive the development of CSA standards.

Sarah has a background in chemical engineering and prior to CSA Group, worked as a project manager at an engineering consulting firm that specialized in integrity and risk management of gas and water distribution systems.

Khaled Habib

Khaled Habib, P. Eng. is a civil/structural engineer and a certified safety codes officer in Alberta (Buildings , Part 9 and HVAC Residential).

Khaled is a Principal Technical Lead with CSA Group, responsible for the structural and construction programs at CSA including CSA A277, Z240 MH, Z240 RVs, Z241 and A23.4.

Andy Kwong

Since September 2021, Andy Kwong has been Product Manager, Standards Education and Services at CSA Group. In this role he manages both the Environment and Business Excellence, and the Construction and Infrastructure portfolios exploring capacity building activities related to education and training products.

Andy also oversees efforts to produce product guides and handbooks that assists users in the application of the standard. Andy has more than 15 years of experience in project management in Standards at CSA Group.

Andy has experience with Technical Committees in the Nuclear, Environment and Business Excellence, and Construction and Infrastructure sectors.

Laurie Robert

Laurie Robert is Vice President of Sales with Fero International, an innovative volumetric modular construction company located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Laurie has been actively involved as an executive in Sales and Business Development in the modular construction industry for more than 35 years. She is a Past President of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), the industry’s International Trade Organization, a Past Chair and Trustee of the MBI Canadian Educational Foundation and was inducted into the MBI Hall of Fame in 2017. Laurie is also a Past Chair of the National Institute of Building Science’s Off-site Construction Council in Washington DC.

In addition to her role with Fero, Laurie works with the CSA Group on Technical Committees that develop standards and guidelines for the modular construction industry and sits on the Executive Board of University of New Brunswick’s Off-site Construction Research Centre. She is an experienced industry trainer and presenter on the subject of permanent modular construction.

Designing for Manufacture and Assembly with SEMA

SEMA logo

Transform your design skills with our immersive workshop on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. Learn the basics, benefits, and possibilities of DfMA using SEMA CAD/CAM software.

Through step-by-step guidance, you'll create a 3D digital twin of a woodframe building, producing practical outputs: an exact material list, an optimized cut list, detailed shop drawings, seamless CNC machine file exports, and a phone-compatible 3D model that can be used beyond the workshop.

Workshop host

Devin Musak

Devin is an experienced professional in on-site and prefabricated construction, with a background spanning roles from construction superintendent to designer in the homebuilding industry.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta, specializing in Structural and Construction Management Engineering. His structural expertise extends to roof truss, floor joist, and wall panel design.

His transition to SEMA Software saw him rise to the position of North America Area Manager, where he spearheads sales, training, support, and business development efforts for the North American market.

With a focus on innovation, optimisation and client-centric solutions, Devin is dedicated to driving growth and advancing construction technology across the region.


Technical tour

Engineering Commons

Head Hall Commons

Join UNB Capital Planning and Operations (CP&O) for a technical tour of the new Engineering Commons, a brand new addition to Head Hall on the UNB Fredericton campus.

The engineering commons is an open-concept learning space supported by mass timber wood columns with a glass façade, blending innovation with a deep appreciation for the buildings historical significance and the province’s forestry heritage.

The technical tour will be delivered by UNB Capital Planning & Operations, who will provide an overview of the project and the innovative systems within it.

The tour is limited to conference attendees and will cost $30.00. Transportation will be provided, and more details will be shared with attendees ahead of the tour.

Note: The technical tour will take place in the afternoon of August 20 and run at the same time as workshop #3.

Networking brewery tour

Explore, sip and enjoy - that's what Atlantic Canada's Craft Brewing Capital is all about. With numerous distilleries, breweries and cideries - sip your way through taprooms in the heart of historic Downtown Fredericton to venues with a unique selection of flavours in charming locations. Join us for an evening of friends and fine brews on August 22 in and around Freddy Beach. (Limited to 50 participants)

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