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Student transition to post-secondary education in New Brunswick

Author: Madeleine Gorman-Asal, Ted McDonald, Pablo Miah, Rawia Mokhtar
Year: 2022
Category: Education and Training

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This study examines the transition of NB high school graduates to post-secondary education (PSE) in New Brunswick from 2014-2017, drawing on enrolment and graduation data from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) and seven public post-secondary institutions. The study considers both students who enter post-secondary education shortly after high school graduation and those who delay entry. It also estimates high school graduation rates and the retention rate of non-pursuers in the province.

Understanding the transition decisions of NB high school graduates can help identify where barriers to higher education exist in the province so that investments in PSE can support reducing barriers to educational attainment for New Brunswickers.

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