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Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate studies

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering provides a research facility and an interdisciplinary environment for an enriched learning experience for graduate students. The collaborative and interdisciplinary exposure that students receive at the Institute offers a unique combination of the technical, experimental, commercial and social aspects of biomedical engineering. Our students learn a variety of engineering skills such as simulation and modeling techniques, signal processing, data analysis and management instrumentation and experimental design.

Students are formally enrolled in existing graduate academic units, such as Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering,  Kinesiology and other faculties including Interdisciplinary Studies. All applications to graduate studies at UNB are performed by an online application form

Admission criteria differ between programs, but the most important stage is to contact one of our faculty or associated faculty to establish mutual research interests. Just a few of their areas of expertise and current research projects are described here.

 IBME Grad Studies Brochure

Student handbook

The Student Handbook is for orientation of new IBME students to the building and for ongoing reference.