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Our vision

Our vision is a world where all children can achieve their highest developmental potential by having their fundamental rights respected, protected and fulfilled.


Our mission is to be the accountability catalyst for child rights globally through creating a comprehensive electronic monitoring tool called GlobalChild. We are taking a rights-based approach to the promotion of children’s health and development.

GlobalChild will facilitate the process of tracking governments’ actions and the impact of these actions on children. By doing so, GlobalChild will assist governments to comply with and meet their obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and to report on their implementation in a more efficient manner.


The GlobalChild Project is a 5+5 years project. Our goals for the first 5 years (2016-2021) are:

Year 1

To conduct an in-depth analysis of the principles, provisions, and jurisprudence under all 42 substantive articles of the CRC to identify their key attributes.

Year 2

Based on the key attributes, to build a set of Structure-, Process-, and Outcome-related indicators for each article under the CRC. These indicator sets can be used individually or in combination with other articles of the same thematic cluster to capture the state of different rights articulated by the CRC.

Year 3

3.1. To create child-friendly versions of the key attributes of each article in order to consult with children from all five regions of the globe. Through a global study called the Global Child Rights Dialogue, we asked for feedback from children about their rights.

3.2. To present the created indicators for review by experts from around the world.

3.3. To incorporate these two sets of feedback into the indicators and finalize them.

Year 4

4.1. To digitize the indicators and create the GlobalChild monitoring platform in English (GCh) and French (GCh-F).

4.2. To pilot GCh and GCh-F in Anglophone and Francophone regions of Canada, respectively.

Year 5

To review the information collected during the pilots, finalize the platform, and create a protocol for CRC-report writing in Canada using the GCh tool.

The tentative plan for the second five-years is:

  • Year 1 – GlobalChild pilot in the African region (country TBD)
  • Year 2 – GlobalChild pilot in the European region (country TBD)
  • Year 3 – GlobalChild pilot(s) in the Asia-Pacific region (country TBD)
  • Year 4 – GlobalChild pilot in the Latin America-Caribbean region (country TBD)
  • Year 5 – Creation of an international protocol for the use of GlobalChild, and ongoing conversations with the Committee on the Rights of the Child to promote GlobalChild as the global CRC monitoring and report-writing tool for all 196 States Parties to the CRC



We are committed to supporting governments primarily, but also other duty bearers such as NGOs, in being accountable to the children in their jurisdictions and in upholding their obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Engaging youth

We believe that children and youth have the right and knowledge to contribute to and participate in different aspects of our project, which will ultimately affect their lives. We are committed to consulting and involving youth in our work.

Building partnerships

We are committed to building new partnerships with collaborators and stakeholders to leverage our collective expertise and to create synergies needed for improving the lives of children.