Privacy Notice - Student Opinion Survey

Purpose of collection

The Student Opinion Survey (SOS) collects your ratings and opinions of your experience on how a course has been taught and is one method used by the University to assess teaching competence. The results of the survey will be used to help instructors improve their teaching effectiveness, inform the University on decisions related to contract renewal, faculty tenure and promotion, and assist the Deans in making changes for curriculum and program improvement.

Who will see the data?

Survey responses are confidential and will be stored securely. Anonymized results of the SOS are available to a limited group of employees, including the Instructor, Department Chair, Dean, and University Administrators, on a need-to-know basis. Survey results are made available to the abovementioned employees following the rules on the Distribution of Survey Results set out in the SOS Administration Guidelines.

To appropriately administer the survey, SOS Administrators from the Office of Institutional Analysis will have access to survey data. These employees are the software administrators and will treat the information with confidentiality.

Information shared with third-party

UNB utilizes a third-party provider to administer the SOS and process its results. Personal data relevant to the administration of the survey is shared with the third-party vendor. Contractual agreements are in place with the third-party to ensure confidentiality, compliance with privacy legislation, and that data is collected and processed under our instructions with appropriate safeguards and technical measures.

Data retention

Survey results will be retained per University records retention schedules and disposed of appropriately at the end of the retention period.

Authority for collection

The information collected in the SOS is collected under the authority provided for in the UNB Act and the New Brunswick Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Further information about privacy

For further information about privacy and the protection of personal information at UNB please contact the University Secretariat, PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3, phone: 506-453-4613,