Information for Students

Importance of Completing the SOS

Let your voice be heard!

Your Student Opinion Surveys represent both your right to have your voice heard and your responsibility to the UNB community.

Why should I complete my Student Opinion Surveys? Do they actually matter?

Yes! Your feedback about your experience in a course helps you, your instructor, the University, and your fellow UNB students.

1. It helps you.

     •  Participating in the survey and giving constructive feedback helps you reflect on your progress throughout the course and identify what
         teaching styles helped you learn.

2. It helps your instructors improve their teaching by receiving constructive feedback.

     •  The more detailed you are in your feedback, the more information is available for instructors to work with as they restructure and refine
         their teaching of the course.

3. It helps the University maintain the quality of teaching.

     •  The academic unit heads (Department Chairs and Deans) and University administrators have access to and review the results. The
         survey results are automatically placed in the instructor’s official file as one source of evidence on their teaching competence.

     •  The results of the instructor-chosen questions and open-ended questions are available to the instructor of the course only.

     •  The survey results are used as one of the several sources of data used in decisions on reappointment, faculty tenure and promotion.

4. It helps your fellow UNB students.

     •  Your input helps improve the delivery of the course in the future and thus, makes the learning experiences of the future students better.