What is the Online Student Opinion Survey (SOS)?

The Student Opinion Survey, or the SOS, is UNB’s online end-of-course evaluation system. The online system offers a revised survey questionnaire and replaces the paper-based and optional web-based system previously used. The online system features:

1. Enhanced accessibility for students

2. Personalizable survey questions for instructors and academic units

3. Complete anonymity and increased data security

4. Timely reporting

5. Sustainability. Paperless survey for a greener UNB

With the online SOS, students have the opportunity to provide ratings and written comments at the end of each course. It is important to recognize that the SOS is a measure of the students' perception of their experience with a particular instructor in a particular course.

The online SOS system is key to UNB’s commitment to ensure the quality of its teaching and the learning experience of its students. Student participation is critical in this process and thus, all students are strongly encouraged to participate.