Access My Student Opinion Survey (SOS)

This page highlights the various ways in which students can access and complete their SOS.

Students will be able to access their SOS from the survey link/s in the survey invitation email and pop-up window in D2L Brightspace. Students will receive an automated email notification on the start date of the evaluation period and email reminders throughout the survey period.

Survey Task List Link through Email

At the start of the survey period, students will receive an automated email notification that the survey period is open. This email contains a list of survey links for the courses to be surveyed.

  1. Click on the link for the survey that you wish to complete.
  2. Complete the survey.
  3. Submit your survey.

Pop-up in D2L Brightspace

When the survey period opens, there will be a pop-up window when you log in to D2L Brightspace. Access to surveys can be made here.


Widget in D2L Brightspace Homepage

The Student Feedback widget is available in the D2L Brightspace Homepage. When the survey period for a course is open, link to the SOS will be displayed under the widget. Access to the survey can be made here.