BLUE: Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) - Review and Publish Courses

To ensure the accuracy of the data for the surveys, each course will need to be reviewed. Once the course information such as course ID, course name, course title, course start/end date, and assigned Instructor have been checked for accuracy, the course will need to be published. This will indicate that the course is ready for the survey.

This page will explain how you can publish a course once it has been reviewed.

How to Review and Publish a Course?

1. Click on the link in the SOS Data Verification Invitation Email to complete your DIG tasks. The list of courses assigned to you will be loaded.

2. Review each course assigned to you in the DIG project. These are the courses that are under your academic unit.

3. Click on the Edit button to expand the Course field.

4. Scroll down to review each information under the Course Field.

5. Scroll down to the Instructor Field and click to expand.

6. Review the assigned instructor to the course.

7. Scroll up and click the Save button.

8. You can publish a course one by one or by bulk. Select a single course or multiple courses to be published.

9. Click on the Edit Courses button at the top left side of the page.

10. Select the Publish Course from the drop-down list.

11.  A summary of the course information will be displayed. Confirm publishing of the course by clicking on the YES button.