Information for SOS Coordinators

BLUE: Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) Overview

This page contains the instructions for the SOS Coordinators on the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process. In this page, the DIG process will be explained, together with the tasks that must be completed in DIG.

Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) Process

The Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process is done in order to ensure that critical data required for the administration of the surveys are accurate and up to date. In this process, course information is verified and updated prior to students being invited to participate in the surveys. This process is done to ensure the correct courses with the correct assigned instructors are being surveyed.

Data to be verified in DIG:

1. Confirm that all courses expected under your academic unit (the department for departmentalized faculty or the faculty) are listed in DIG task assigned to you. If a course or section(s) is missing, inform the SOS Administrator.

NOTE: Courses in the exclusion list that are never surveyed such as Thesis, Coop, Practicum, Non-credit, and Credit extension type are excluded from the DIG verification process.

2. Confirm that all information for each course/section is accurate. Review the course start/end dates and the assigned instructor/s to the course.

NOTE: This information is generated from the Colleague system so if there are any errors (e.g., wrong instructor) you should correct the information through for Fredericton campus and for Saint John campus.

Do not publish the course until after the correct information is updated in Colleague and is reflected in DIG.

3. Exclude courses: Exclude a course that is not to be surveyed (courses defined by the department or faculty such as projects, seminars, practicums, etc.) by changing the course from Evaluate YES to NO.

NOTE: By default, all courses are set to Evaluate YES, thus it is important to make sure to exclude courses that are not to be surveyed.

4. Update multiple courses at once: During the DIG process, there will be a need to update a course information of multiple courses at once. Batch updating can be done for setting courses to Evaluate YES/NO and for changing the course start/end dates.

5. Remove instructor/s: For the purpose of the survey, only the instructor that needs to be surveyed must be tied to the course in the DIG process. Remove instructor/s assigned to the course that are not to be surveyed.

6. Cross-list/Merge courses or sections: Cross-list courses or merge multiple sections in a course that should be treated as one course for survey purposes.

7. Publish courses: Publish the courses that are verified and with accurate information.

NOTE: All courses must be published even those that are set to Evaluate NO.