BLUE: Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) - Evaluate Yes/No

Some courses will not be surveyed since they do not meet the criteria for evaluation due to their nature. These are the permanently excluded courses defined by the academic unit (the department for departmentalized faculty or the faculty) such as projects, seminars, practicums, etc. There are also courses that are temporarily excluded from the survey from term to term as defined by the academic unit for various reasons.

This page will explain how to exclude a course from the survey. Note that as a default, all courses that are part of the DIG process are set to be evaluated (EVALUATE YES), thus it is important to make sure to exclude courses that are not to be surveyed

How to Exclude Courses from the SOS?

1. Click on the link in the SOS Data Verification Invitation Email to complete your DIG tasks. The list of courses assigned to you will be loaded.

2. Review each course assigned to you in the DIG project. These are the courses that are under your academic unit.

3. Click on Edit button.

4. Scroll down to the Evaluate field.

5. Select No from the drop-down list.

6. Specify the reason in the Reason for Change field on why the course is excluded from the survey.

NOTE: It is mandatory to fill out this field to make sure that the change was intentional.

7. Scroll up and click Save.

Full Year Course

There are full year courses that must be evaluated at the appropriate time.

  1. If a full year course has only one instructor for both the Fall and Winter terms, the course (coded in the Student System with an X in the section number for the Fall term) has to be set to Evaluate No for the Fall term but should be set to Evaluate Yes in the Winter term.
  2. If a full year course has a different instructor for the Fall and Winter terms, both instructors have to be evaluated thus, the course should be left to Evaluate Yes for both terms.